The Cast Of 'Five Bedrooms' Dish On Their Own Sharehouse Horror Stories

We caught up with Doris Younane, Katie Robertson and Roy Joseph to find out what their housemate history was like.

The trio star in 'Five Bedrooms', which sees each of them taking the plunge and going all-in on buying a house alongside Kat Stewart and Stephen Peacocke.

"The point of difference in the show is that the characters aren't just starting out in life," Katie -- who plays Ainsley -- explained.

"They're sort of 30 and above and they've gotten to this place in life where they thought they would be... somewhere else, possibly further along or more successful or more together.

The Cast Of 'Five Bedrooms' Dish On Their Own Sharehouse Horror Stories
The cast of 'Five Bedrooms'. Photo: Network 10.

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"They're all, in their own ways, not where they thought they would be and they're all a bit broken," Katie said. "Something about that really makes people frail and interesting so when you put all those people together it brings out the best and worst in them."

Describing the house as "like a retreat", Doris also weighed in on the different people all coming together under the same roof. "You throw these five people together and the things that are great about it are also the things that are going to rip them apart at times."

"Juggling all the behaviours and damage everyone's coming with, once that starts you're going to feel exposed. How you deal with that exposure because everyone comes from such different worlds and experiences," she said.

The Cast Of 'Five Bedrooms' Dish On Their Own Sharehouse Horror Stories
A perfect household, just as long as the post-it notes are kept far, far away. Photo: Network 10.

"In a lot of ways 'Five Bedrooms' is a really positive exploration of people living together and living as a community," Doris said, "I think there's something in that that is really precious."

While the five housemates HOPE to make things work, occasionally moving in with people can also bring out the worst in them.

"I tell this story all the time," Roy said with a twinkle in his eye adding, "It's not like a crazy horror story, but it's a big no-no in my opinion."

"I had a housemate who used to leave passive-aggressive post-it notes for me. I was young, I was like 19, a boy who had never had to really take care of himself in that way," he said.

"I was 100 percent learning, but she would leave passive-aggressive post-it notes, send texts and would sometimes say things to me like, 'You know, it's ironic that you've forgotten...' things like that. We... just weren't friends."

As he spoke, Katie turned to him and jumped in, "I want to do it so bad. I love post-it notes! I love them!"

"Maybe that's why I don't have any sharehouse horror stories," Katie added, "...because maybe I was the horror?"

Five Bedrooms airs 8.40 on Wednesdays on Network 10 and WIN.