Magda Szubanski Parodies The Terrible Federal Candidate Of Your Nightmares

How would you feel about Lynne Postlethwaite running in your federal electorate?

Magda Szubanski wheeled her iconic 'Big Girls Blouse' character out to do a little campaigning ahead of May 18, combining some of the more bats*** elements of some of our most colourful politicians.

Promising to blow the lid on "some of Canberra's worst kept secrets", 'Lynne' spilled her guts on an imaginary conversation with One Nation senator Pauline Hanson.

"I said Pauline, you have always had it in for me," Lynne drawled in the video, holding a ciggie jauntily between her fingers.

"I was not behind that sting, I thought Al Jazeera was a jazz saxophonist!" she deadpanned, referring to the publication's investigation into One Nation's meeting with NRA officials in the US.

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The Project, Magda Szubanski
Magda Szubanski  in character as Lynne Postlethwaite.

'The Project' panel played the clip for Bill Shorten on Wednesday night, asking whether the Labor leader had any preference deals with Lynne on the table.

Shorten laughed that next to Hanson, Fraser Anning and Clive Palmer, Lynne was "so far ahead of them".

Vote 1 Lynne!

Main Image: Network 10.