'MasterChef' Gives Victorian Teachers The Delicious Recognition They Deserve

This week, our 'MasterChef' contestants will honour Victorian teachers with a meal fit for the royal family.

In an extremely stressful group challenge set against the backdrop of the Victorian state library, the two teams have to produce a three-course meal for 80 hardworking teachers, something Tim Bone, a primary school educator and 'MasterChef' star -- was very excited about.

"Teachers often don’t get the credit that they deserve," Tim told 10 daily over the phone, adding that he was "so happy" to be able to cook them up a feast. 

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Tim works as a kitchen garden specialist at a primary school and knows exactly how deserving teachers are of a lavish sit-down dinner.

"I just think teachers don't get paid enough, but I might be biased!" he said. 

A very happy Tim when he found out they'd be cooking for a bunch of teachers. Photo: Network 10,

"A lot of people think that teachers work from 9 until 3 but they absolutely don’t, they’re often there way before the bell starts and then often into the night time," he said. 

Tim explained that there's also a lot of pressure on teachers to perform in line with NAPLAN statistics and that kids are so much more "than a number".

"Teaching and learning is so much more than that," he said.

"I feel like, often, there’s a lot of pressure on teachers and they’re doing the best that they can."

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Tim told 10 daily that he and his team were much too "flat out" in the kitchen to run out and spend some time with the teachers as they tucked in on their delicious meals, which was "a shame" but the whole experience was extremely rewarding.

"Teachers are amazing, so to be able to feed them, it was pretty special," he said. 

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