The 'MasterChef' Recipe Club Is The Most Wholesome Thing On The Internet

The most wholesome show on TV attracts the most wholesome fans in Australia.

The first thing you notice about the newly formed 'MasterChef Australia Official Recipe Group' on Facebook isn't just the countless photos of food, but the many posts thanking the admins for adding them and promising to do their best to recreate the recipes from the show.

It's a completely unnecessary but incredibly sweet gesture from the fans who tune into 'MasterChef' to gain inspiration for their own culinary journeys.

Recreations of this season's recipes pop up on the page faster than you could think about ordering some takeaway fried chicken yourself -- and often look just as impressive as the contestant's plates on TV, like these mouthwatering versions of Derek Lau's Korean fried chicken wings

Derek's Korean fried chicken has been a big hit at home. Photo: Facebook/Emily Farlow, Ishika Uppal.

There are even fans writing in from Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands and the US, asking how they can get their hands on recipes (unfortunately, they aren't accessible outside of Australia).

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We had a chat with some of the group's most prolific and passionate members to find out what's been cooking in the 'MasterChef' home kitchens around Australia.

Darren Purchese's Bombe Alaska Setting Home Kitchens On Fire
Photo: Network 10.

It was the pressure test that sent kitchen whiz Dee Williams home -- even after she made an epic comeback to cobble together the mandarin sorbet, salted caramel ice cream, chocolate mandarin brownie and Italian meringue needed for this extremely intricate dessert.

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Still the daunting nature of the dessert didn't deter our home cooks from attempting the recipe -- one that has nearly 50 steps to follow (!) and involves having your local fire department on speed dial for the grand finale -- dousing the meringue in rum, throwing a match over your shoulder and crossing your fingers.

Recipe club member Helen Mouneimne from Adelaide recreated the dish without a hitch -- and even caught the attention of Purchese online, who described her Bombe as “simply sensational”, marking her a solid 10/10.

Mouneimne -- also known as The Greek Vegetarian online -- told 10 daily that she actually tried out for this year’s ‘MasterChef’ but narrowly missed out on a spot in the top 24. The recipe club has been a way for her to connect with like-minded ‘MasterChef’ lovers who have a shared philosophy about food.

“I love how food brings people together," she told 10 daily. “Plus, I love learning from other cultures, age groups and culinary skill levels,” she said, adding that the Facebook community is “so positive and supportive”. We love that.

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Jackie Ramsay from Victoria also gave the Bombe a crack and said she stumbled on the recipe group because she was “feeling super proud” after nailing the dessert and wanted to “fish for a few compliments” -- which, honestly, wouldn’t we all be after somehow making it to the Bombe Alaska finish line?

Jackie bravely setting fire to all her painstaking work. Photo: Facebook/Jackie Ramsay.
Of Course, Nigella's Tarragon Chicken Has Been A Fan Fave
Photo: Network 10.

It was only a couple of nights after Nigella Lawson dramatically lifted a cloche to reveal her succulent tarragon chicken that Violet Schanzer decided to give the recipe a go in her own kitchen. She’s been a fan of ‘MasterChef’ since season one, but only recently joined the Facebook group out of curiosity about what fans have been cooking at home.

“I especially love to see if anyone modifies the recipes so they are easier for us home cooks,” she told 10 daily.

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Nigella’s recipe introduced her to using tarragon for the first time, which is now “her favourite herb” and her family declared it to be the “BEST chicken” they’ve ever eaten.

Truly, a group of people bonding over food, sharing kitchen stories AND having a favourite herb must be one of the warmest, most delicious corners of the internet. 

You can request to join the purest Facebook club in the world here and have a scroll through the ‘MasterChef’ Season 11 recipes over here.

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