Company Offering Spoiler Insurance For When Your Mates Ruin 'Game of Thrones'

The group are offering £100 compensation if somebody spoils 'Game of Thrones' for you.

Are you sick of carefully navigating your social media platforms on 'GoT' day so to avoid spoilers on the latest episode, only for Karen in accounts to go ahead and ruin the entire ep with a detailed Facebook status on EVERYTHING that happened??

Same (thanks a lot, Karen).

Well, one UK-based company has come up with a solution -- spoiler compensation!

Apparently, those who have taken out Endsleigh's spoiler insurance can claim compensation of up to £100 ($186 AUD) "for plotlines ruined by friends, family or social media".

Claimants will also receive a consolatory NOW TV pass, meaning they can re-live all eight series of the popular programme to help soften the blow.

The idea comes as the show’s long-awaited finale is set to air on Monday (Sunday US time), with UK fans unable to watch the episode until 19 hours after it's been released in several countries.

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Julia Alpan, head of marketing at Endsleigh, said: "'Game of Thrones' is one of the biggest shows of the last decade and the finale promises to bring in some of the largest audiences on record."

She continued, “With the show historically airing on US screens ahead of the UK, spoilers have always been an issue -- so we wanted to address that head-on with the first ever spoiler insurance policy, that will offer financial compensation for anyone whose day is ruined by an unwanted plot reveals.

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“Whether it’s a colleague at work who has stayed up and streamed the show at 2 am, or a rogue news article giving away the story on social media – our Spoiler Cover will help provide consolation for fans who have had the ending revealed prematurely.”

She added, “This is the first time we’ve launched a spoiler insurance offering, but if we receive a good response then we might even roll the policy out for other popular TV shows -- next up, 'Love Island'!”

Let's hope someone brings this Down Under in time for our next TV obsession!

Image: HBO