'The Society' Star Olivia DeJonge Spills On Netflix's Hottest New Show, And THAT Pie Scene

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for season one of 'The Society'.

Chatting to 10 Daily over the phone, we got right down to the nitty-gritty: When is season two coming out, and where TF are these kids? What's happening?!

Unfortunately for us all, Aussie actress Olivia DeJonge -- who plays Elle on the show -- knows about as much as we do.

"The reception’s been great thus far. All the messages and comments that I’m getting are like ‘when are we getting a season two?’" she said, before telling us that she had "no idea" whether we'd be getting a second season.

"Obviously the binge-watch has been happening," she said, "but I mean, it only came out three days ago. I think that’s just the way [Netflix works] -- we might hear in a month or two, we’ll just have to wait and see."

Revealing that the writers haven't told the cast anything about the show's biggest mysteries -- where they are and why -- Olivia said that they "literally know as much as the audience".

"I’ve had friends message me and be like ‘what is the ending?’ and I’m like ‘guys, I’m still trying to figure it out! They’re not telling us anything!’" she laughed.

The Society

Having it be as much a mystery for the cast as the audience, she said, made the experience all the more special.

"It’s exciting because we kind of get to find out with everybody else," she explained, exclaiming: "I love it! The mystery! Anything is really possible."

With those burning questions out of the way, we had to get the scoop on that pie scene.

"Oh God!" she exclaimed, telling us she was "excited" when she first read the script.

"I watched it with my parents and they were like, ‘What is going on?!’" she laughed.

Olivia went on to call the Thanksgiving episode "a little bit of a comeback" for Elle.

"Elle has a really interesting character arc, which is why I was essentially drawn to the series in the first place," she said. "That episode was very exciting for me. I read it and I was thrilled at the idea of Elle taking a stab and taking a giant leap of faith. Not to ruin anything, but it was a very strong move on her behalf and I think people will really rally for her after watching that episode."

Although Olivia was given the option to audition for the roles of Helena and Becca, as well as Elle, she said that she was immediately drawn to the role she would eventually land.

"When I read Elle I was like ‘I just know, something inside me knows that this is the one.’ I just had a feeling from the very start that she was gonna be the one, you sometimes get this feeling like ‘oh I’m gonna get this’ and this was one of those periods," she said.

Describing Elle as a "very, very smart and switched on", as well as shy and "a great listener", Olivia gave us a little bit more context for her character's backstory.

"Throughout high school, she was very much, into her ballet, and was sort of very, very strict in that sense of, she would train in the morning, train after school," she said. "She wouldn’t really socialise with people and she’s probably very shy and a bit uptight, just feeling safe in that sort of dance world and I guess she is now thrust into a completely different society, dare I say, where it sort of forces her out of her comfort zone. That's how Elle and Campbell meet, they’re both ostracised for being different and that’s why they find each other."

Outside of her own character, Olivia spoke with reverence for the show as a whole and had nothing but great things to say about the experience of working on it.

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Noting that the show "takes its youth seriously", Olivia said that she's "very much a believer of art imitating life and life imitating art".

"Right now in this increasingly political age and society where this sort of responsibility is being thrust upon young people, I think this show is really special in the way that it actually treats its young people really seriously," she said.

The Society

She continued: "Audiences are getting increasingly more intellectual with the age of social media, and I think that the show really serves that purpose and it doesn’t really sugarcoat anything. Especially the toxic masculinity, emotional abuse in relationships, like Elle and Campbell. The way that they handle it is very serious and with a lot of respect."

Calling the cast and crew "very kindhearted" and "lovely", Olivia said that she was "really lucky" to be given "a safe environment to not only do the characters justice but also to feel safe in doing those scenes".

"We all worked really hard to make it as horrific as possible but also the most comfortable for all of us," she said.

If the show does come back for a second season, though, Olivia said that she'd "like to see Elle branch away from Campbell". In fact, she has some pretty big aspirations for her character.

"I think she could have a really interesting arc in more of the political sphere, as more of an underdog, personally," she said, "But I’d love to see her become more independent and grow into more of a woman and grow her own voice in that new society and branch out and make friends and explore more of herself.  I think she’s picked up a lot and I think it would be great if she left that Campbell arena and moved more toward the political side of things."

Feature image: Netflix.