Disaster! Steph MacGyvers Custard After Forgetting Crucial Ingredient

There are hundreds of ways you could whip up a custard dish -- but all of them revolve around a very important ingredient.

The humble egg.

Sure, there are some vegan alternatives you could use -- like agar agar -- but eggs are the common binding agent that help milk, sugar, vanilla extract and cornflour work together to form a perfect union, ready to serve on a plate next to some warm apple crumble.

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It's a fact that 'MasterChef' contestant Steph deSousa was well aware of -- which made it all the more depressing when she realised her egg yolks were sitting alone on the bench, instead of inside the oven with the rest of her custard mixture during the Nigella Week immunity challenge.

An egg-less nightmare!

"I forgot to put the eggs in my custard!" she exclaimed as judge Matt Preston strolled by to check in with her. 

The lonely egg yolks. Photo: Network 10.

"That is a bit of a problem,” replied Matt, agreeing that it was a bit of a "rookie error". 

You forgot what? Photo: Network 10.

But, because Steph has made a name for herself as the MacGyver of the 'MasterChef' kitchen, she quickly set about finding any kind of tricksy shortcuts she could use to save the dish.

"Are we MacGyver-ing Again?" asked Matt of the custard plan B. 

"I’m always MacGyvering!" replied Steph of her ability to scramble something together in the face of disaster, just as she did with her spaghetti Bolognese during the desert island dish challenge. 

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So with just 20 minutes left on the clock, she decided to pull the warm mixture out of the oven, bung the egg yolks in and pray that the liquid would magically set for her grand plan of a coconut custard with black sticky rice and mango.

She's Macgyvering again! Photo: Network 10.

And you know what? The custard definitely didn't set, but she kinda pulled the dish off because her ~inventive~ method created a beautifully caramelised flavour.

"You are Macgyver for your assured way with flavour and your ability to think on your feet," said Matt, who is clearly our nation's biggest MacGyver fan. 

"And in this competition, that is almost more valuable than anything else."

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