George Calombaris Explained How He Avoids 'Palate Fatigue'

Have you heard of the affliction that exclusively affects 'MasterChef' judges and wine tasters?

It's called 'palate fatigue' and it's a very serious condition that can inhibit your taste sensors after spending the day bombarding your buds with flavour hit after flavour hit.

Sort of.

According to Wine-Searcher, any evidence of palate fatigue is mostly anecdotal, but the site notes that wine tasters who are often sampling hundreds of wines per day will take strategic breaks to give their palate a rest or use palate cleansers to reset their tastebuds.

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'MasterChef' judge George Calombaris stopped by 'The Project' and shared a few of his tips to surviving long days eating the contents of 20 different Mystery Boxes and still being able to tell the difference between an eggplant purée and an egg custard.

"Hydration is important, lots of water," he told Lisa Wilkinson. 

water drinking GIF

His second recommendation? Lots of tea!

the addams family 90s GIF

And lastly, lots of green apples!

apple GIF

"Especially when you’re tasting all day long because what we get ... what we call in the professional [world] is palate fatigue,” explained Calombaris.

“So you’ve got to be careful with palate fatigue!”

Guess we'll be stocking up on green apples to chomp on during our next big feast.

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