Did 'The Simpsons' Predict The Latest Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones'?

They've done it again!

The all-knowing oracle of knowledge and wisdom seems to have once again flexed their psychic abilities -- this time by seemingly predicting the penultimate episode of 'Game of Thrones' way back in 2017.

This week's ep saw Daenerys Targaryen launch her attack on Queen Cersei on King's Landing. But just when it seemed that she'd won the battle, in a controversial move that has upset many fans, Daenerys instead flipped to Mad Queen status, ignoring surrender and instead, going on a rampage and obliterating everything in her path.

Image: HBO

Anyway, during the opening of the 2017 episode 'The Serfsons,' Springfield is instead set in an alternate fantasy universe which is meant to resemble 'Game Of Thrones'. There are references to white walkers, dragons, magic, an evil ruler and a dragon is even killed by an icy witch and then raised from the dead.

But it's certainly not the first time 'The Simpsons' aired an episode featuring something that would later come true. Check out some of these other eerie coincidences...

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Siegfried and Roy tiger attack

In the 1993 episode, 'Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalised Gambling,' Springfield legalises gambling and gets a casino, which featured two men casino magicians called Gunter and Ernst -- a very obvious Siegfried and Roy parody -- who are later attacked by Anastacia the white tiger.

Ten years on in 2003, Roy Horn of the duo Siegfried & Roy was attacked on stage by a 7-year-old white tiger named Montecore. Luckily, he has learned to walk again, with the pair performing their final show in 2010 before retiring.

 The 2013 horse meat scandal

In 'Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song' Lunch Lady Doris is seen using horse meat as a secret ingredient in her food. While it was simply a dark joke, it became reality in 2013, when four beef products from  Bird’s Eye tested positive for horse DNA in 2013.

Donald Trump becomes president of the United States

Way back in 2000, 'The Simpsons' aired the episode 'Bart To The Future’, where Bart sees the future in which sister Lisa is the president of the United States (looking eerily like Hilary Clinton, too, we might add). In one scene, she tells her advisors, "As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump,” to which they inform her that her predecessor has bankrupt the country. Spooky!

Don Mattingly benched because of his hair

In 1991,  Yankee owner George Steinbrenner had demanded that all players with unkempt hair be benched, so the manager was forced to sit out his best player, Don Mattingly.

A few months later, the 1992 episode 'Homer at the Bat' aired, which famously featured Mattingly as one of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant's softball team, where he is later benched by Mr. Burns for not "trimming his sideburns".

Because it was so soon after the IRL event, fans assumed it was a parody of the incident, however, Simpsons writer Al Jean revealed that Mattingly actually recorded his lines for the episode a month before the benching incident took place.

Disney takes over 20th Century Fox

In 1998's 'When You Dish Upon A Star,' a sign can be seen outside of a building that reads ’20th Century Fox, a Division of Walt Disney Co.’ This prediction came true when it was revealed that Disney announced a huge merger of the two companies -- which means Disney now owns 'The Simpsons'.

Lady Gaga at the Superbowl

Image: Fox

In the episode 'Lisa Goes Gaga,' singer Lady Gaga is seen suspended by cables flying over the audience at her show. Well, who remembers the 2018 Super Bowl in which Gaga flew into the stadium from the roof supported by suspension cables?

Finding a three-eyed fish

In an early episode that took place in 1990, Bart catches a three-eyed fish (that's named Blinky), which has resulted from the dumping of nuclear waste from the local power plant. In 2011, this happened in Argentina, after fishermen reeled in a mutated three-eyed fish.

Hamburger earmuffs

A product brought to us by none other than Professor Frink in the episode 'The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace', you can now find IRL hamburger earmuffs online everywhere from eBay to Alibaba for those chilly winter months.

Image: HBO