The Grimmest Meals We're Eating During 'MasterChef'

There are two types of 'MasterChef' fans.

There are those who laboriously recreate as many 'MasterChef' dishes as they can or, at least, make sure they're sitting down to a sumptuous dinner while they're watching the show.

And then, there are the fans who are more than happy to be culinary voyeurs, peering into the window of deliciousness while they reheat something frozen, pour something gelatinous out of a tin or just order some tasty takeout online.

Which, to be fair, is most of us.

We decided to celebrate some of the items on the 'MasterChef' home cooking menu for their simplicity, understated elegance and ability to be whipped up by anyone in under 10 minutes.

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Anything Microwaved

During the roast chicken elimination challenge, Mandy made the decision to give her spuds a quick zap in the microwave to make sure they'd be properly par-boiled before roasting. And do you know what? Both Nigella Lawson and Matt Preston approved of the clever hack.

"Anything that'll save you time in this kitchen is a joy!" observed Matt, quick to assure her that there's no room for microwave-shaming on 'MasterChef'.

Mandy used her noggin with this microwave hack. Photo: Network 10.

So, if it's good enough for Nigella and Matt, it's good enough for us viewers at home -- regardless of what we might be putting inside said microwave.

A simple packet of deconstructed Corn

Judging people on TV is much more fun when you have Doritos dust all over your fingers!

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An elegant bowl of noodles with broth

There's nothing wrong with a piping hot cup of two-minute noodles, a dish once celebrated and recreated by Heston Blumenthal for his 'Heston's Feasts' series in 2010. A simple, portable and truly classic dish.

Simple, yet healthy!

These entries of fruit salad and avocado on toast might be deceptively simple but they celebrate fresh produce in an unfussy way without overcooking the fruit and veg or overloading them with sauces.

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The one thing that we can all agree on though, is the absolute need to either eat either during or before 'MasterChef' because it's pretty much impossible to watch an entire episode about crunchy fried chicken and not raid the fridge.

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday nights at 7.30pm. Only On 10 And WIN Network. Missed an episode? Catch up on 10 Play or 10 All Access!