'Arthur' Character Mr Ratburn Comes Out And Gets Married In Latest Episode

In the season 22 episode, Mr Ratburn quietly came out and married Patrick the aardvark.

He's been the teacher to Arthur, Buster and Francine for years but outside of the classroom -- and his love of cake -- not much has been known about Mr Ratburn's personal life.

In the latest episode to kick off 'Arthur's 22nd season, all of that changed.

The long-running series, which airs in the United States on PBS, aired the episode titled "Mr Ratburn & The Special Someone" where Mr Ratburn debuted his now husband, Patrick the aardvark chocolatier.

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The episode also featured Jane Lynch guest starring as a rude, pushy rat named Patty who his students initially incorrectly assume is his betrothed.

The episode also features a lot of shock from Mr Ratburn's students -- not because they find out he's gay, but because they're shocked teachers actually have a social life outside of the classroom.

"When they go home, they sharpen pencils, eat kale and dream up homework assignments," Buster says in the ep, "They don't even sleep! They just go into low-power mode and watch documentaries."

Arthur and the gang even go so far as to show up to the wedding to stop Mr Ratburn from marrying Patty and her power suits, only to realise she's his sister and that Mr Ratburn was set to marry Patrick all along.

Response to the episode has been mostly positive with people praising the episode -- with just a few questions remaining the show has yet to address.

Featured image: PBS.