We Asked Osher If He'd Be Keen To Do 'Australian Idol: All Stars'

Punkee recently published an article arguing that 'Australian Idol: All Stars' both "could and should" be a series.

Taking us back to a time when "half the country wore an afro, and half wore a goatee", writer Samuel Leighton-Dore painted quite the picture of what an All Stars version of 'Idol' could be:

Imagine it: 12 former favourites re-enter the spotlight after 15 years of obscurity, each vying for the chance to secure a lucrative recording contract and reintroduce their music to the Australian public. They each have an axe to grind -- something to prove, not only to themselves but to the industry they so love and yearn to be part of.

Speaking to 10 Daily over the phone ahead of the 'Bachelor in Paradise Tell All', we took the opportunity to ask Osh if he'd be keen to return to his 'Idol' hosting gig, and lucky for Aussies everywhere, he was "a hundred percent" in.

(Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images)

"Absolutely, no doubt at all! No doubt at all. I think it’s great!" he said of the idea. "It’s gonna be a one night only thing, right? Or you wanna do a series?"

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We pitched him the show as Sam had laid it out in the Punkee article, and Osh had some constructive feedback for us to work with.

"Far out! I reckon, I dunno if you’d be able to get it over the line as a long-term series, but I reckon if you did it -- " he paused for a moment before quickly coming up with a fully fledged pitch.

"So, here’s how you do it. You pitch it like an end of year special, all right? You pitch it across like, a television event, Monday Tuesday this week, Monday Tuesday next week, four nights, and then you just do four one-hours," he said.

He even broke it down for us, continuing: "So the first one is going to everybody’s houses and going to find them all, and then the second one is the 'Rocky' montage, and then three and four are the live ones, and you do it for charity. ‘Coz you’re not gonna create a star, you’re not gonna launch anyone’s singing career, but you’re gonna do it for charity.

"I’ll take an EP credit!" he finished.

Well, if you need us, we'll be manifesting this with the power of our thoughts for the rest of the year. Will Angels bring us a glorious gift? Stay tuned!

Feature image:  Getty Images