Nigella Lawson Surprised The 'MasterChef' House In Their Pyjamas And They Lost It

Imagine sleepily wandering into your kitchen to find the queen of home cooking perched on a stool.

It's not necessarily how you'd want to meet Nigella Lawson for the first time -- in your old PJs, with tousled bed hair and unbrushed teeth.

But that's exactly what happened to our 'MasterChef' contestants when they woke up early one morning, completely unaware they were about to experience the culinary equivalent of meeting Santa Claus on Christmas morning.

The 'MasterChef' house perfectly illustrated the emotional stages of meeting Nigella in the flesh, truly a wild rollercoaster of FEELINGS.


Abbey and Leah were the first to discover their house guest and were shocked, shook, and shooketh to find Nigella hanging out in the kitchen.

Photo: Network 10

Jess and Anushka were not prepared for Nigella's arrival.

Photo: Network 10.


A sort of Nigella-induced elation best illustrated here by Tati, who had been watching Nigella videos online that morning. Did she conjure her? How is this possible?

NIGELLAAAA. Photo: Network 10.
Acceptance That You've Joined A Culinary Cult

Worshipping beautiful produce, luxurious yet simple home cooking and taking part in the ritual of a midnight feast? Yes, please sign us up.

Photo: Network 10.

We're extremely ready for an entire week of Nigella-themed challenges, Nigella mentorship and hopefully, a Nigella recipe or two!

Photo: Network 10.
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