Kacey Musgraves Told Us What Happens Inside The Met Gala

It was just over a week ago that Kacey Musgraves walked the pink carpet for one of the most outlandish events on the fashion calendar, the Met Gala.

The country music singer-songwriter stopped by The Sunday Project in the middle of her 'Oh, What A World' tour and let us know what actually goes on inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where cameras are strictly forbidden inside the event.

"I felt like I had been dropped straight into an F. Scott Fitzgerald chapter," she said of the ball that attracts a strictly A-list crowd, all pre-approved by Vogue's Anna Wintour.

"I was like, 'what is happening right now?'," she added.

The Grammy award-winner said she was stoked the ball's theme this year was 'camp', saying it fit right in with an aesthetic she's been playing around with throughout her career.

"And being from Texas with the big hair and the rhinestones and the Western wear," she added.

Musgraves certainly nailed the brief, arriving in style atop a pink convertible as a fantastically plastic Moschino-clad Barbie doll.

When asked what happens once the celebs leave the red carpet and enter the gala, Musgraves joked, "we were just sitting there staring at each other".

She added that she was completely unaware of the 'no photos' rule inside and was snapping away because what else would a girl do when she's a few feet away from an icon like Cher?

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Musgraves swept the Grammys earlier this year, winning every category she was nominated in. The Texan-born singer-songwriter picked up gongs for Best Album, Best Country Album, Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance.

She told The Sunday Project panel that it was hard for anyone to "be equipped with the emotions to know what to kind of do with that situation"  -- particularly after claiming the Best Album title against artists including Drake and Cardi B.

"I thought it was kind of ludicrous that I was even in that category to begin with," she said of her record, 'Golden Hour'.

"I mean, not ludicrous, I'm very proud and I love my album very much but those albums are massive, they sell a ton, they get played on the radio a lot and that's not necessarily what the Grammys have to be about... but it was a big deal for me to be in that category," she said.

Main Image: Network 10.