Meet The Housemates Of 'Five Bedrooms'

We've all been there -- moving in with someone you think is totally down to Earth and normal, and then as soon as you've unpacked the last box, they turn into a monster.

Dishes left in the sink, loud parties until 3am on a Tuesday, people who blast Nickelback. They come in all shapes, sizes and forms of torture.

But hey, sometimes moving in with strangers is the best way to lock down a gorgeous new pad, and for the folks in Network 10's new drama 'Five Bedrooms', that's exactly the plan.

Sequestered to the 'singles' table at a wedding and after many, many trips to the open bar, our gang of unlikely housemates are convinced that the best way into the real estate market is to pool their resources.

It's a recipe for disaster, especially when you get to know the new residents who couldn't be more different. Here's what we know about our five new housemates.

'Five Bedrooms' Meet The Characters
Liz has hit rock bottom, so there's nowhere to go but up, right? Photo: Network 10.

Played by Kat Stewart from 'Offspring', Liz is a lawyer who had it all.

Then, she lost it all. Going through a messy divorce, dealing with her secret debt and struggling to keep up appearances, Liz is at rock bottom.

But hey, that means the only way is up... right?

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'Five Bedrooms' Meet The Characters
Doughnut underestimate Ben. Photo: Network 10.

Ben is a man you've probably met before. Well, he's not a man so much as a man-child.

Played by Stephen Peacocke, Ben's a tradie who has been living his life with no real plans for the future.

After living in a caravan park for the past two years, Ben decides it's finally time to step things up and maybe straighten his life out a little bit.


We've all known those perfect bachelors who -- despite being a lovely, caring, handsome single DOCTOR -- never seems to have a girlfriend.

There's the obvious answer to that, of course, which is that Harry's gay.

Unfortunately, at 30 years old, Harry -- played by Roy Joseph -- is still living at home with his Indian-born mum who doesn't know that.

Taking the step to move out of home and out of the closet so he can be a little more free to be himself,  Harry is ready to start living his truth.

'Five Bedrooms' Meet The Characters
For Heather, there's no better cure to hating people than... moving in with four others. Photo: Network 10.

Who DOESN'T love a mid-life crisis? We've had three this week alone.

For Heather, it's been a long time coming. As someone who absolutely hates people (not all of them but, you know, pretty much most of them) Heather has been trapped in a domestic hell of ungratefulness.

After dedicating 25 years of her life to her two unappreciative sons and an unmotivated husband, Heather, played by Doris Younane, decides to take the plunge and buy into the new living arrangement.

But is she trading one mess for an even bigger one?

'Five Bedrooms' Meet The Characters
The thread that ties them all together, Ainsley is the tragically romantic tragic. Photo: Network 10.

The human equivalent of a ray of sunshine, Ainsley, played by Katie Robertson, is the one at the table who really ties the gang together.

Unfortunately for Ainsley, some of those connections aren't as close as she would hope, like with her colleague Lachlan (Hugh Sheridan) who -- despite being married -- Ainsley has been madly in love with for pretty much all of her 20s.

Deciding to close the book on a man who almost certainly isn't going to leave his wife for her, Ainsley is after a fresh start with her new housemates, and a fresh start for love.

This time she's DONE with unrequited love... she hopes.

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We can't wait to see how these five get along -- or drive each other absolutely nuts -- when 'Five Bedrooms' kicks off.

Five Bedrooms premieres 8.30, Wednesday, 15 May on Network 10 and WIN.