Where Are They Now? We Caught Up With 'Saddle Club' Star Lara Jean Marshall

Hello world, this is Lara Jean Marshall!

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn't remember the iconic Aussie kids series 'The Saddle Club'. The early 2000s series followed three best friends as they trained for equestrian competitions at the fictional Pine Hollow Stables.

It's been 10 years (WTF!?) since the final episode of the show aired, so we decided to catch up with actress Lara Jean Marshall, who played designer-clad, straight-A student Lisa Atwood to see what she's been up to post 'Saddle Club'.

Well, for one, she's got a brand new series in the works, and in stark contrast to the straighty-180 character of Lisa, Marshall will now be taking on a far more sinister role in the upcoming series 'We Were Tomorrow'.

"So the show is coming out in May and I'll be starring alongside 'Underbelly's Gyton Grantley," she told 10 daily. "I actually play a villain! So for this role, I'm all about the stabbings and making out with people, which is really fun and challenging."

Most recently, the now-30-year-old has become an ambassador for Krispy Kreme's 'Throwback Party' range, which brings back childhood classics like cookie dough, finger bun, fairy bread and brownie batter -- all in doughnut form.

"It's such a blast from the past and that's why I was chosen for it, coz I'm a bit of a blast from the past myself!" she said.

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Speaking of blasts from the past -- the burning question we needed to ask the star was: does she still keep in touch with her former on-screen besties Carole and Stevie Keenan MacWilliam and Sophie Bennett?

"I just saw Sophie and Keenan in LA! We've all remained really close," she said, "They're doing things behind the camera now, so it's really interesting how everyone's taken different routes careerwise. I have so much love for them and we're all still really great friends," she added.

Reminiscing about fond memories on 'The Saddle Club' set, Marshall spilled that she and Keenan -- who played Carole Hanson -- were constantly getting themselves into mischief.

"I remember one time we stole the boys' clothes while they were filming, we threw them in the trees," she laughed. "Keenan and I were kind of like the devil children and Sophie was the angel, so we were constantly getting in trouble!"

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Image: Saddle Club

Like many of us, Marshall is also nostalgic for the culture surrounding the 2000s, of which 'Saddle Club' became part of Aussie kids' childhoods.

"I still love Britney and TLC! I loved the whole 'girl power' vibe that was going on in music back then," she mused.  "Also, I was totally into those slap wrist bands and butterfly clips -- I wanted to be like Britney! I've seen them come back into fashion, and it's funny how things from the past usually make a comeback."

And while the 2000s were a great time for kitschy accessories and girl power, we can probably all agree that the fashion at the time wasn't always the, uh... most stylish.

"On 'Saddle Club' they would put me in cargo pants! I can't stand to even look at those photos, they're just terrible!" she laughed, adding, "they had those giant pockets and everything, I was just like, 'what is this?', they were NOT flattering at all!"

 Image: The Saddle Club