The Heartbreaking Story Behind Netflix's New Must-Watch Show

Netflix's 'Dead To Me' is an incredible dramedy full of twists and turns, and the show's creator revealed what led her to write it.

If you haven't started to binge the series yet, 'Dead to Me' is a dark dramatic comedy that dropped on the streaming service in early May.

The series follows Jen (Christina Applegate), a real estate agent whose husband was recently killed in a brutal hit-and-run. Struggling with her new identity as a widow, balancing her job and raising her two kids alone, Jen heads to a grief support group where she meets Judy (Linda Cardellini), a free spirit who may not be exactly who she seems.

It's full of twists and the characters of Jen and Judy are so layered and complex with a lot of the series hinging on their strange yet compelling friendship. It's a gorgeous, dark story about friendship, motherhood, grief, deceit and, so importantly, bad margaritas.

The Heartbreaking Story Behind Netflix's New Must-Watch Show
Jen and Judy forge a friendship founded on their shared grief, but soon things begin to unravel that neither could imagine. Photo: Netflix.

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But the show's creator, Liz Feldman, revealed in a piece for Glamour the heartbreaking events leading up to the show's creation.

Writing that she had been trying to have a baby for six months, Feldman said the attempts to become pregnant "felt more like an odyssey".

"There have been painful procedures, infections, and miscarriage," she continued. "Just when I thought things might be looking up, a lab technician at my fertility clinic lost the one egg they were able to retrieve from me."

Then, on her 40th birthday, Feldman's cousin suffered a sudden heart attack and died at age 50. "He was the heart of our family, the life of every party, and a great dad to two sweet kids," she said.

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While still dealing with her journey to get pregnant -- as well as mourning her cousin -- Feldman's two close friends revealed they had both fallen pregnant.

"A week later I pitched the beginnings of 'Dead to Me'," she said, "The story, though not autobiographical, is deeply personal. The facts are made up. The feelings are real."

Incredibly, one of her friends tragically lost her baby five months into her pregnancy. In a twist of fate, Feldman writes, she was able to hire her friend as a writer for the series.

"Kelly and I are still holding on to the hope that we’ll get to raise our babies together. For now, we get to enjoy the fruits of a different kind of labour: a newborn show about grief, loss, and the power of a good friendship."

Starring Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden, Max Jenkins and Valerie Mahaffey, all 10 episodes of 'Dead to Me' are now streaming on Netflix. The gripping dramedy will have you on the edge of your seat from the first episode, laughing, crying and gasping the entire way through.

Read Liz Feldman's full piece here.

Featured image: Netflix.