Jess Hall Reveals The Recipe That Made Her Fill Out An Application For 'MasterChef'

One year ago, Jess Hall made a decision that changed her life.

She knew she wanted to fill out an application to be a contestant on 'MasterChef' but was struggling through a serious bout of procrastination, she explained on Instagram today.

So instead of mucking around with forms,  she decided put her dedication to the test and recreate a recipe from Season 10 of the show -- Chloe Carroll's prawn mousse tortellini in broth.

"... I invited some friends around and lured them there with a promise that I would recreate @chloeanncooks Immunity Challenge recipe," she said, adding that although it took the former top five contestant Chloe just an hour to make, Jess spent "all damn day cooking it".

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But her efforts in the kitchen were worth it for the "glorious" results and the extra kick in the pants she needed to fill the application out and send it off for Gary, George and Matt (or, most likely, the producers) to inspect.

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Jess wrote that because of that day carefully preparing those pillowy pasta parcels filled with prawns, shiitake mushroom and cream, she's now in the top 24 for Season 11 of "the greatest cooking competition in the world".

I am so grateful to the opportunities I’ve given myself (because that’s the real way opportunities come about) and the push I get from the people I love, to believe in myself and to take the scary plunge!

And then she posed a challenge to her new followers -- "WHAT ARE YOU PROCRASTINATING ABOUT? And would some prawn mousse tortellini help?"

So, if you've been debating about whether to apply to 'MasterChef' for years, maybe have a crack at Chloe's tortellini or Jess's caramelised scallops and we'll just leave the link to the application forms here.

Main Photo: Network 10.