'I Get Really Shouty': Scott Tweedie's Tips On How To Win 'Celebrity Name Game'

It's the new, fast-paced game show that will leave you screaming at your TV along with the fam.

It's time to sharpen your pop culture knowledge because 'Celebrity Name Game' is the latest fast-paced game show set to hit our screens, and it'll be hosted by none other than Gold Logie Award winner Grant Denyer!

So how does 'Celebrity Name Game' work, exactly?

Well, each episode features two teams of two contestants – think mum and son, best friends -- along with two celebs that will be tasked with helping them win a supercharged game of charades in the hope of winning the $10,000 prize.

'Celebrity Name Game' will have you shouting at your television. Image: 10

One such celeb that you'll catch on the show is 'The Loop' host Scott Tweedie, who gave us a rundown on what we can expect to see.

"It's basically 'Celebrity Heads' or 'Articulate' on a bigger scale and a huge studio -- along with everyday Aussies teamed up with celebrities," he explained.

"Contestants will have a big screen behind them that has the name of a celebrity or an everyday item, and while one tries to describe the person or word -- without saying what it is --  while the other has to guess it as fast as they can," he added.

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With categories covering everything from movies, sports stars and politicians, to pop stars and fictional characters, contestants will need to be on the ball of all facets of pop culture if they want to nab the cash prize.

"It's a lot of fun!" Tweedie added, "I get really shouty.  My family and I always play games like this on family holidays, so I'm used to getting into it and can't help shouting out the clues."

He continued, "And then sometimes you just completely forget some really obvious ones and for the next week you're just kicking yourself, going 'how did you not get that straight away?!'"

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Beau Ryan and Courtney Act are set to help contestants win the cash prize. Image: 10

Along with Tweedie, you can expect to see a star-studded lineup helping out our contestants, such as Jungle buddies Yvie Jones and Angie Kent, Beau Ryan and 'Dancing With The Stars' runner-up Courtney Act.

We can't wait!

'Celebrity Name Game' is coming soon to 10 and 10 play