Cooking To Support Drought-Affected Farmers Was A Dream Come True For Larissa

In tonight's episode of 'MasterChef', the amateur chefs are tasked with creating a feast for some of the most important people in their lives: local food producers.

The contestants are split into two teams, each tasked with preparing a feast for volunteers, truckies and -- of course -- the local farmers and their families of East Gippsland.

Central and East Gippsland have suffered through a drought for two years according to the Bureau of Meteorology, one of the worst affected areas in the country.

Team captains Larissa Takchi and Tim Bone take up the challenge of leading their teams to produce three mains, three sides and one dessert with the winning team safe -- and the others forced to head into tomorrow's elimination.

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Ahead of the challenge, Larissa spoke to 10 daily and explained that cooking for local food producers really cemented her food dream.

"These farmers are going through a drought, so for us to give back to the community, it's such a good cause," Larissa said.

"I want to open up a wine bar where I'm from in Dural, NSW," she said, "and I want to support the local farmers there, so this challenge meant a lot to me."

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Many of the contestants have highlighted just how important having fresh, seasonal produce and supporting local farmers is, and being able to give back to those farmers -- especially after what they've struggled through, just proved that even more.

"Half your job is done when you're using really good produce," Larissa explained, "the ingredients were so beautiful and fresh, it gave me clarity of what I wanted to do!"

"A drought is every farmer's nightmare, so the fact that we could support the cause and appreciate the struggle they've been through, it felt like we were giving back," she said.

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