Tessa From 'MasterChef' Told Us Exactly What A Criminal Statistician Does

Over the years, ‘MasterChef’ has featured contestants from all sorts of career backgrounds.

We’ve had a lawyer (Adam Liaw), a bobcat driver (Brent Owens), an artist (Poh Ling Yeow) and a school teacher (Elena Duggan), just to name a few. 

But never before has an amateur cook on the show listed their day job as 'criminal statistician' -- an occupation that sounds like it belongs on 'Law & Order'... we think? 

Or at least that's what we've been imagining in our heads every time Queenslander -- and criminal statistician -- Tessa Boersma pops up to talk to the camera between challenges.

So we decided to investigate and ask Tessa exactly what it is she does for a living and if it's as ~mysterious~ as it sounds.

What could it be? Photo: Network 10.

Speaking to 10 daily over the phone, Tessa explained to us what she's up to when she's not making these insane hot and spicy buffalo wings.

"Pretty much, we receive data from government agencies like police and corrections and then we clean the data and compile reports for the national and state governments, and those reports are used to create policy and help governments to set the current crime rate in the justice system," Tessa explained. 

Tessa studied accounting at uni and began her criminal statistician career while she was still studying. She told us that while it's interesting to learn about the crime rate and crime profile of Queensland, it's a job that's "probably more office-y than you'd think".

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"It probably sounds more glamorous than it actually is," she said, adding that it's "definitely an office-based job so it can only be so exciting working on a computer". 

Will Tessa leave her criminal statistician life behind for the kitchen? Photo: Network 10.

Which is why, in part, she decided to sign up for 'MasterChef' -- to get out and about in the great outdoors.

"Ultimately, I just couldn't see myself being in an office every day for the rest of my life, I wanted something that draws me more outside," she told 10 daily.

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"Being in Queensland, it's very much an area where you want to be outside and you want to be utilising the amazing beaches... just being outside makes me happier than being inside."

Being outside the office and inside the kitchen is already working like a charm for Tessa who has emerged as a bit of a gun during the early stages of 'MasterChef'.

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