'MasterChef' Has Got Everyone Craving Crunchy, Crispy, Juicy Chicken Wings

It was the immunity challenge that made us all wish we'd cooked (or probably ordered in) a few chicken wings to chomp on while watching.

As contestants Abbey, Derek, Kyle and Tessa wondered what they'd be tasked with whipping up to get a step closer to nabbing an immunity pin, judge Matt Preston teased a few delicious clues.

"A dish that's developed a cult following around the world, there are many different versions from many different cultures," he said, adding that they had three important elements in common. 

"They're crunchy, they're crispy and they're juicy," he smiled, before Derek correctly guessed the answer to Matt's tasty riddle.


Which made everyone watching at home lose their freaking minds in anticipation of the mouthwatering dishes that were about to be plated up.

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Menulog, Uber Eats and KFC have probably been inundated with orders for fried chicken, and lots of it, as the four contestants created four very different types of fried chicken. 

Oh good lord, Tessa's spicy buffalo wings look incredible. Image: Network 10.
Kyle's sweet and salty chicken with sticky caramel sauce. Image: Network 10.
Abbey's crispy battered chicken with white peach chutney. Image: Network 10.

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The finished products had everyone salivating -- and wishing they'd prepped something with a little more crunch and flavour for their own dinner and, ahem, not something they'd whacked in the microwave.

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