Everything We’re Looking Forward To On Nigella Week

It's nearly time for one of our favourite guest judges to bless us with her culinary guidance.

Nigella Lawson has hopped on the plane from London to Melbourne quite a few times in the last decade to sample the wares of our 'MasterChef' contestants -- and she keeps coming back for more.

There's nothing like a visit from Nigella to boost the morale of our amateur cooks and help them along on their ~food journeys~ with some of her sage (and rosemary and thyme) advice.

We decided to round up just a few of the delicious reasons we're looking forward to Nigella Week.

The Nigella Vocabulary

Who else could take a bite from a  bowl of ice cream and remark that it tastes like a "whisper of a dream of a dessert"?

Only Nigella!

Known for her evocative use of the English language when it comes to describing food, we're hoping to hear her describe some of the contestants' dishes as "sumptuous", "luscious", "heavenly",  or "velvety" with that signature Nigella flair.

Bonus points will be awarded if we get to hear "squodge" -- a multi-purpose term that can refer to any type of squishy, smooth ingredient like brownie dough, jelly or cream.

We'll be truly blessed if anyone decides to follow Nigella's recipe for duck crackling so she can whip this handy nickname out again:

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When She Talks About The Importance Of A Good Old Midnight Feast

Fans of Nigella's cooking shows -- from the late '90s 'Nigella Bites' right up to the more recent 'Nigella: At My Table' -- will know that our domestic goddess gets very snacky around midnight and knows exactly how to nail a 12 am feast for one.

When she visited 'MasterChef' during Season 8, she reminded us all that the slightly unorthodox meal is something to celebrate.

“A midnight feast isn’t the same as any other sort of eating,” she told our 2016 contestants, adding that it can go towards a more “late night takeaway vibe” or a bit more down the breakfast food route.

"But nothing too delicate, it has to feel hearty and like a snatched pleasure," she explained.

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Her Love Of Unfussy, Real Cooking In All Its Deliciously Messy Glory

Nigella Week isn't about using fancy gadgets -- we’re looking at you, sous vide water bath -- or showing off your knife skills, it's all about heart and nailing the type of recipe your great grandchildren will be cooking in your memory at Christmas one year.

When Matt Sinclair -- now one of our Season 11 mentors -- plated up this rich carrot cake with cream oozing out the side, Nigella cheered on the imperfect perfection of it all.

Matt Sinclair's "squodgy" cake was a big hit with Nigella. Image: Network 10.
Nigella Loves Taking A Risk In The Kitchen

While Nigella’s recipes are all about pleasure, comfort and generosity, she’s also the first to try out some wild combos -- and let us all know that it’s actually a brilliant idea to pair a leg of ham with a few litres of hot Coca-Cola.

And that Vegemite, butter and parmesan can work together to make a deliciously umami spaghetti sauce.

Nigella’s inventive risk-taking makes her an excellent guest judge, with an open mind and an open-palate.

When She Talks About How Much She Loves Australian Food And Being Part Of MasterChef

Last season, Nigella commented that there's "just something" about being in Australia where she can soak up the warm, fuzzy feeling she gets from "being part of the MasterChef family".

"I have fun with the judges but also I really love getting to know the contestants," she said, adding that she always learns something new from the new generations hitting the food scene.

Nigella also hits up as many Australian restaurants as she can while she's down under and proudly shows off our cuisine to her followers around the world.

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When Everyone Loses Their Sh** Because They’re Cooking For Nigella

The best thing about Nigella Week is the pure joy our contestants exude when they see Ms Lawson walk through the doors of the MasterChef kitchen because... it’s Nigella!

Cue the stories about growing up making her chocolate chestnut refrigerator cake or lamb salad with mint and pomegranate and how they’ve become important family faves in the last 20 years.

It’s going to be a sumptuous week of heavenly delights!

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday nights at 7.30pm. Only On 10 And WIN Network. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play or 10 All Access!