The Best Background Errors Nobody Spotted Until It Was Too Late

Ever since fans of 'Game of Thrones' spotted Daenerys' pumpkin spice latte sitting in shot during the latest episode, folks have been sharing their favourite TV blunders.

Despite the eighth season of 'GoT' taking two years to film, unfortunately, no one noticed the disposable coffee cup in the back of several shots.

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But the massive HBO series isn't the only production to get all the way onto screens only to have audiences pick up on a few errors. Here are some of our favourites.

'Quantum of Solace', Man Who Just Learned What Brooms Are

The Daniel Craig Bond film 'Quantum of Solace' featured some major action sequences, a lot of spy stuff and... this extra doing the absolute most when it came to his "broom acting". Well, everything except, you know, actually sweeping the ground.

'Stranger Things', Froget about it

Continuity errors are one thing, but when it comes to name-dropping a species of frog you have to be really careful. One fan of Netflix's 'Stranger Things' picked up on the fact that in the second season, when Dustin thumbs through a book he points to the frog species Indriana semipalmata. Unfortunately for the show, which set season two in 1984, the Indriana wasn't named until 1986.

'Downton Abbey', PRom-oh no she better don't

Fans of 'Downton Abbey' loved the show's lush dedication to the period setting, so when they released this photo of Lord Grantham and Lady Edith in front of their gorgeous mantle, their eyes were drawn to one thing in particular... a plastic water bottle just hanging next to all those ornate vases.

The Best Background Errors Nobody Spotted Until It Was Too Late
Water they thinking when they took this shot? Photo: ITV.
'The Simpsons', An immaculate conception

Even animators have difficulty keeping track of continuity, as seen in 'The Simpsons'. In season six of the series, during the episode 'And Maggie Makes Three', Marge and Homer have a conversation while Marge is pregnant with their third child Maggie. Weirdly, there's also a framed photo of Maggie as a toddler seen behind them.

'Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope', That's no Duck It's A Sp--

Acting is difficult, and acting in helmets? Near impossible. Just ask the poor Stormtrooper who was a little taller than regulations, and smacked his noggin as he made his grand entrance.

'Braveheart', They may take our lives but they'll never take our parking!

If you've watched the Mel Gibson classic 'Braveheart' more than once, you may have noticed a few little errors here and there. From Scots wearing kilts in the 13th century (something that didn't really come into popular fashion until at least the 16th century) to weapons giving off the impression that they're made of rubber. But during the start of the Battle of Stirling Bridge, if you look in the background you'll notice... someone left their car parked on the battlefield. This also isn't the only car featured in 'Braveheart', with another seen in the distance during Murron's funeral.

The Best Background Errors Nobody Spotted Until It Was Too Late
That's what you call a BravePark. Photo: 20th Century Fox.
'Gladiator', Tanks for the memories

The Roman empire was responsible for some incredible inventions and feats of design, but one that probably shouldn't have shown up in 'Gladiator' was a gas canister at the back of a chariot. Cool prequel to the 'Fast and the Furious' movies though.

The Best Background Errors Nobody Spotted Until It Was Too Late
Chariot racing really is a gas. Photo: Universal Pictures.
'Bad Boys' (1983), Leading Cameraman

No, this isn't the Martin Lawrence/Will Smith 'Bad Boys' you might be thinking of, but rather the Sean Penn one from 1983. Sure, there are moments when it's unavoidable for a member of a film's crew to be seen in the background of a shot but... that is not what happened here. The dude is living his best life, getting a very close shot. Unfortunately, so are we... of him filming.

The Best Background Errors Nobody Spotted Until It Was Too Late
Talk about a close-up. Photo: Universal Pictures.
'The Dark Knight Rises', Hieeeeeeee.

Props, errant crew members and historical inaccuracies happen to the best of us, but one thing that's so painful to see in movies is a big ol' spelling error. Unfortunately, Christopher Nolan's superhero epic, 'The Dark Knight Rises', contains a big ol' headline where a 'cat' burglar is suspected in a jewel... hiest.

The Best Background Errors Nobody Spotted Until It Was Too Late
Sadly the Joker must have gotten to all the editors at the Gotham Times. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures.
'Back to the Future Part III', I believe the children are our future...

Probably one of the best goofs nobody noticed until it was too late was the kid Verne Brown -- played by Dannel Evans -- standing behind Doc and... gesturing to his groin as the camera zooms toward him. While there have been quite a few fan theories as to what exactly young Evans was doing in the scene, the general consensus is that he was busting for the loo.

The Best Background Errors Nobody Spotted Until It Was Too Late
Shame the director couldn't, you know, go back and fix this. Photo: Universal Pictures.

Featured image: HBO / Fox / ITV.