Game Of Thrones Fans Reckon Jon Snow's Accent Has Changed


Game of Thrones fans reckon Jon Snow made a crucial change this episode -- and no, it wasn't abandoning Ghost without so much as a hug goodbye.

Plenty of fans pointed out that Kit Harington's accent appeared to sound more southern, almost as if he was destined for the Iron Throne.

Jon, being the northern man he is, as always spoken with the drawn-out vowels of the northerners.

In his rousing speech before burning the dead, he was beginning to use the more clipped sounds of the upper-class King's Landing folk.

Of course, we now know that Jon Snow is really Aegon Targaryen, the southern born-son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. It wouldn't change his accent, but it could just be yet another sign that Jon is going snake the Iron Throne from both Dany and Cersei.

In real life, Harington has a bit more of a posh accent than his Game of Thrones counterpart, so there's some speculation that he simply can't put on the Jon Snow voice while he's yelling.

Still, regardless of accent issues or otherwise, Jon's speech was convincing fans to grab the nearest sword and head straight into battle.


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