Dee Williams Left The 'MasterChef' Kitchen And Everyone Is Devastated

Dee Williams has become the second contestant to leave the MasterChef kitchen, after a crack at Darren Purchese's diabolically tricky Bombe Alaska.

After landing themselves in the bottom three on Sunday night, Dee, Nicole and Yossra were tasked with recreating the 150-year-old "doozy of a dish", complete with a chocolate brownie base, mandarin sorbet, salted caramel ice cream, and Italian meringue. 

Dee -- who impressed the judges early on with her Sri Lankan crab curry -- explained tearfully that she'd waited ten years to enter the 'MasterChef' kitchen and wasn't about to give up now.

“You’re going to love today,” Gary promised Dee and the bottom three, adding that it was going to be “amazing” even though he wasn't the one that had to build the devilish dessert that, did we mention, also has to be lit on fire. 

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And although Dee's a bona fide cookbook scholar -- she has 250 of them at home -- and has made Bombe Alaska before for her husband's 40th birthday, one important measurement tripped her up.

Adding too much stabiliser to her ice cream mix, it began to thicken into a gooey mess, with Purchese noting that she wouldn't have a dish at all if the ice cream wasn't right.

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Dee took a moment away from her bench -- and the yelling from the gantry --  to weigh up whether she should throw in the towel or soldier on through the Bombe Alaska nightmare. 

But she calmly thought of her husband, Michael, who encouraged her to enter the cooking show in the first place and is always giving her little pep talks, urging her to "never give up".

And, miraculously, in what was an incredible comeback, Dee managed to catch up to Yossra and Nicole -- plating up an extremely good looking plate of Bombe.

But alas, although it looked like a dream, with perfect meringue ridges, there were too many elements in the dish that just weren't up to scratch, even though she "came from nowhere" to make it over the finish line.

Gary said even though Dee had only been in the comp for a short time, she's always made the judges very happy, and we'd like to wholeheartedly agree.

Along with Huda, Dee had emerged as an early favourite to win the whole comp, and fans are in shock that they're both gone after just one week.

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