MasterChef 2019: Huda Al Sultan Sent Home In Surprise Elimination

We've lost our first contestant this season after an elimination round that nobody saw coming.

Huda Al Sultan has sadly exited the MasterChef kitchen after just one week, following a stressful double Mystery Box episode on Sunday evening.

The first challenge involved a box of fun, vibrant ingredients that included mango, tamarind, lemon, squid and spatchcock in the mix, with contestants playing for a spot in the next immunity challenge.

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Huda started on a lemon ice cream and tarragon crumble dessert before judges Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris suggested she might be playing it too safe so she switched it up for a savoury chicken pie with caramelised mango.

The judges only selected the five most appealing dishes to taste -- and winner Abbey Rose was the only cook able to escape to the safety of the MasterChef gantry while the remaining 23 learned their fate.

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As some ominous-looking black boxes were delivered to everyone's station, things suddenly got a little scary.

“Someone’s going home,” observed Jess after everyone discovered a black apron with their name on it hiding under the lid.

Prince Harry lookalike Tim, played it safe and traded in his newly won immunity pin to avoid the surprise elimination round while the rest began to grapple with the 'black' ingredients available for their second-round cook, including blackberries, black garlic, black tahini, native Australian marron, Black Angus Porterhouse steak, dark chocolate, eggplant and black tomatoes. 

"It's pretty crazy that someone's going home already," observed Nicole, adding that after the first exciting cook, "the whole mood's changed now".

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Huda began to put together a creamy bed of eggplant with grilled steak and a tomato and blackberry vinaigrette but admitted she had a few worries on her mind.

"Cooking the steak is a new thing to me, I'm a bit nervous about it, "Huda confessed, but added it was a risk she was willing to take.

The steak cooked a little faster than Huda expected, working its way past the medium rare point that she was aiming for.

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The vinaigrette was "delicious" according to Matt Preston, but the meat was sadly overcooked and Huda became the first contestant from Season 11 to be sent home.

Huda initially wowed the judges with her lamb meatballs in citrus tahini sauce with flatbread, the dish that earned her a spot in the top 24.

She left her fellow contestants with some inspiring advice, telling them that "life without challenges is boring" and to always "choose courage over comfort".

Huda, we're so sad you're gone, but can't wait to see where your food journey takes you next.

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