Adam Sandler's Emotional 'Saturday Night Live' Tribute Had Everyone Crying

Chris Farley died in 1997 from an accidental overdose of cocaine and morphine at the age of 33.

Returning to the SNL stage for the first time in 24 years, comedian Adam Sandler had viewers and his castmates emotional during an appearance as he closed out the show with a sweet tribute to his late friend and fellow comedian, Chris Farley.

Though Farley passed away 22 years ago, Sandler made sure his 'Billy Madison' co-star was remembered as he gave a heartfelt musical performance that shared fond memories of the star.

Featuring clips of Farley from his SNL days along with his movies playing in the background, Sandler sang about his party-loving friend:

″The first time I saw him he was sweeter than honey,” Sandler sang as he strummed his guitar. “Plaid jacket and belt too tight and he wasn’t even being funny. Then he cartwheeled around the room and slow-danced with the cleaning lady ― he was a one-man party. You know who I’m talking about. I’m talking about my friend Chris Farley.”

"We’d tell him, 'Son, you’ll wind up like Belushi and Candy,'" he continued "'Those guys are my heroes, that’s all fine and dandy'", and how he now shows his children YouTube clips as well as Farley's old movies.

Chris Farley, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and David Spade in 1997. Image: Getty

"Life ain't the same without you," he continued. "If we make enough noise, maybe he'll hear us."

As Sandler began to tear up during the raw performance, viewers at home became emotional, posting across social media praising Sandler for the disarmingly beautiful moment.

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"Not. A. Dry. Eye. In. The. House," tweeted SNL cast member Leslie Jones, while NBC host Willie Geist added, "This is just great, @AdamSandler. You brought him back for a few minutes."

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Sandler and Farley both joined 'Saturday Night Live' in 1990. Sandler was a writer and later became a cast member until both stars were later fired from the show in 1995 -- something he poked fun at during his guest hosting appearance.

“I was fired, I was fired, I was fired so sad to tell,” Sandler sang during one skit on Saturday's show. “I never saw it coming, I got fired by SNL. Between seasons I heard a nasty rumour that I was getting the sack, I tried to call Lorne Michaels but he never called me back.”

He interjected, “I’m joking. I’m joking. He called, he called.”

Current SNL cast member Pete Davidson then jumped onstage to sing about being fired, causing Sandler to interrupt and tell him he wasn’t.

“I wasn’t, how’s that even possible?” Davidson wondered.

"I don’t know, man,” Sandler answered. “You just be patient ‘cause it’s coming soon.”

Sandler wrapped up his comedic song by adding that he got the last laugh, singing, “I was fired, I was fired, NBC said that I was done,” he concluded. “Then I made over $4 billion at the box office so I guess you could say I won.”

Adam Sandler, David Spade and Chris Farley in 1995. Image: Getty

Sandler had previously told The Daily Beast in 2014 he still doesn't know why he and Farley were fired from the show in 1995 just as both were becoming huge box office attractions.

"Yes, we were [fired]," Sandler told the website. "We kind of quit at the same time as being fired. It was the end of the run for us. ... It hurt a lot at the time because we were young and didn’t know where we were going, but it all worked out."

On top of their SNL credits, Farley and Sandler starred together in 'Billy Madison' and 'Coneheads,' before Farley passed away on December 18, 1997, after being found dead by his younger brother, John, in his apartment in the John Hancock Center in Chicago.

An autopsy later revealed that Farley had died of a cocaine and morphine overdose early that morning. Advanced atherosclerosis was cited as a “significant contributing factor”. He was 33.

Image: NBC