Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Just A Bunch Of Things Bill Yelled About During Our Interview

Chatting to Bill Goldsmith on Thursday afternoon ahead of the Paradise Tell All that he did not attend was a real wild walk in the (dog) park.

Oscillating wildly between yelling and laughing, Bill spent a lot of his chat with 10 Daily discussing the edit he copped on 'Bachelor in Paradise', so we've tried to edit the following chat as little as possible. You're welx, Billy boy!

On the dog park:

I don’t go to that dog park anymore! You gotta keep people on their toes, you know? Ahhhh, I don’t think I need… I don’t think I’ll be trying to pick up anyone at the dog park anymore!

On his decision to not attend the Tell All special:

Um, I didn’t go because I just felt like I didn’t need to go there to pump my profile up, because I don’t really care about Instagram and Instagram followers and all that stuff.

The show was called ‘After Paradise’ and what happened after Paradise is no one else’s business aside from mine and Alex! So I just like -- I’m not gonna go there and ask how Audrey and Osher are goin’, what’s been happenin’ the last six months? It’s like, I dunno, it’s just ridiculous. I understand we met on a reality TV show, but as soon as those cameras stopped rolling, that’s when it finished.

As far as I’m concerned, when the cameras had stopped rolling in Fiji, the show was over. We went back in a relationship and started our relationship again, sort of, with new challenges and everything, but yeah, it’s no one else’s business. But a lot of  people want to get a lot of different things from doing the show, and they turned up to 'After Paradise' for different reasons, and that’s fine, that’s their reasons, it’s got nothing to do with me.

I knew that they really wanted me there, but when you break it down, what benefit do I get? What have I got from going on there versus what benefit will Channel 10 and Warner Brothers get? Their benefit outweighs mine in that respect.

I’ll have my time and my space when the time’s right! Again, I could go tell my side of the story but you guys would edit the f**k out of it again and probably not even play it! [laughs]

On Alex's recounting of events on the Paradise Tell All:

That’s pretty much what happened, but you’ve gotta remember that there was two of us in that relationship. I’ve spoken to her so I know sort of what was said -- we’re still on really good terms -- but then, yeah like, it is what it is.

I went from 'Bachelorette' to 'Bachelor in Paradise', the quickest turn around ever, I didn’t have any time to mentally process the first show, and then came the second show.

I went from being single for a year and a half to being in a loving relationship. You try to get your head around that! [laughs]

At the end of the day, I’ve known this girl for six weeks, I really didn’t know much about her, but I was in this weird scenario -- this environment where it’s conducive to fall in love with people, and I fell in love with her. I legit was madly in love with her but then when we got back to Melbourne things were completely different because that’s real life.

If we had our time again we’d do things so much differently, and we’ve spoken openly about that. We both had a part to play in it and we both would’ve done things differently and helped one another to make it work. But I think it’s just a learning experience. I’ve never bloody -- she’s the one who’s done a reality TV show and left in a relationship, so I was taking a lot of leads from her, to be honest! It is a completely different show again though.

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From what I understand from when she finished 'The Bachelor' with Richie, Channel 10 had supported them so much, secret catch ups, flyin’ them around, doin’ all this stuff, we had ZERO SUPPORT, from anyone!! We didn’t hear from anyone for months. Months!!!

You have to have a relationship, but you have to be indoors and you can’t have a proper relationship. Life in a new relationship is made from the memories you make doing things together and you can’t do any activities because you can’t be seen in public, so it’s like… yeah. I don’t understand how they expect anyone to -- some people do last, Taite and Ali are still together, but they had secret meetings, organised getaways and could start making memories together! We had none of that! None! Not one!!! It did shock me, because 'The Bachelor' franchise, it's made its name for itself because it’s got a track record of keeping couples together, and me and Alex were the only true couple to finish that show, I thought we’d have heaps of support, but none!! Like, do you guys care about us staying together? Or you want us to break up? All these things go through your head.

I still don’t really know what angle they were going for. And even like, the edit, if we were still together I’m sure the edit wouldn’t be so horrendous, [laughs].

If we were together and they did a horrendous edit like that, that would put a lot of pressure on our relationship, you’d think!

On reports that he said the show "ruined his life":

[Laughs] I dunno if I said that it ruined my life! I just said that they’re dragging me through the mud and my reputation. I dunno if I said ruined my life. It’ll be a distant memory in about a month, surely.

A lot of people do have the perspective that it’s not really the full story and it’s a reality TV show, and the reality of a reality TV show is that it’s not that real on TV. In person and in taking part of it, that was all real, the edit and what you see on TV? Not that real.

On his relationship with the truth:

“Where do you wanna start? The one [on Wednesday] with my brother and dating someone with a kid?”

I was dating a girl in Adelaide for about five months this time last year, she had two little boys -- my brother never met her and me and my brother aren’t really that close so he didn’t know that I was going to Adelaide and all that stuff. That’s just circumstantial, he was just not in the knowledge and all that stuff.

The one with Flo? Flo knew about Alex pretty early on, but again they didn’t share that. I said ‘I’m having a pretty good go with someone back in Paradise, I even said her name, I’m pretty sure!’

The whole thing with the overnight, if you wanna dig up the voxxies that I did on the single date, you’ll see I said that I was glad we decided not to spend the night together and that it was a good idea because it would confuse things with me and Alex and it would confuse Flo in the experience, so yeah, there’s definitely records hidden away somewhere if you wanna find that!

I apologised about speaking about Flo like that, because no one deserves to be called those names like that, so I apologised for that, but there’s no way that I’m going to apologise about her saying I’m lying, because I’m not f**king lyin’! And she, she has her own, had her own agenda of why she was in Fiji, she plays the reality TV game very well. She’s a seasoned campaigner, as you’d say and… yeah. She’s calculated. I texted her a month ago and apologised for how it all went down and to see how she was going, haven’t heard from her!

On declining the opportunity to confront Flo about this at the Tell All:

Yeah, drama, man! My life’s drama-free! I don’t wanna give her any more of my energy, she’s used enough of it. So it’s like, I’m not gonna fly up to Sydney to confront Flo about that. She can go -- I’ve moved on -- she can do whatever she needs to do in the media to keep this shit going because she wants people to feel sorry for her, I don’t know what her angle is. You’ll have to ask her that one!!! Not that she’d tell you the truth!!! [laughs]

Even talking about it in the press or whatever, it fuels the fire to our feud or whatever, it’s what she wants, I don’t even want to talk about her anymore! She was there for her own reasons, you make your own assumptions about it. 

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Me and Flo also had a fight on the beach at the end of our date that didn’t make the edit! She’s just like, I dunno, she’d been out of the reality TV game for a long time, and I was just describing the location we were in and she was like ‘YEAH BILL!!! I’VE GOT EYES AND I CAN SEE, YA KNOW!’ I was like ‘FLO!!!! WE KNOW WHERE WE ARE, WE’RE FILMIN’ A F**KIN’ TV SHOW AND SOMETIMES YOU’VE JUST GOTTA GIVE ‘EM WHAT THEY WANT AND YOU CAN F**KIN’ MOVE ON!’ and I f**king stormed off on her! I said ‘YOU REALLY WANNA GO BACK AND I DARE SAY THERE’S GONNA BE A F**KIN’ ROSE CEREMONY!’ I said ‘I HAD A GOOD DATE WITH YOU, DON’T TARNISH A GOOD DATE BY BEIN’ A SMART ARSE AT THE END OF IT!’ yeah, she’s a fuuu… yeah, I dunno. She’s Dutch and she says it how it is in a good way, but f**k, man. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

The whole thing with Flo, she knew about Alex from the get go. Me getting her a rose wasn’t to try to pursue her, it was ‘coz I felt sorry for her and I didn’t want what happened to her in the first season to happen to her again. So when I got back I had a really good chat with Alex and she was just very selfless in what she said to me and that just sort of clicked in my head and I thought I wanted to pursue her more. I ultimately felt responsible for Flo because she’d been back for like two hours and there was a rose ceremony, so I went to have a chat with American Alex just to see where his head was at because Brooke had walked out and I just said ‘mate, I don’t know where you’re at with any connections with anyone else but if you don’t have any connections, if you give your rose to Flo that would be great because it would just give her a chance in this experiment,’ and he said yes.

If she had gone home I would’ve felt sad because it felt like it was either me or she was going home and I had chosen to pursue Alex! I think the next time you do a reality TV show you just shouldn’t care about people so much! Just be ruthless!!!

On whether he was trying to form alliances before entering Paradise:

Nahhh, the only person I talked to was Megan Marx and she asked if I was going, and under my CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS I said no I wasn’t! And then, she’s good mates with Nath and I think Nath was out drinkin’ with her or something, and let it slip that I might be going, and she wasn’t too happy but she sort of understood that I’m not allowed to tell anyone, and yeah, she was actually the one who told me about Alex, she goes ‘my friend Alex is going on 'Bachelor in Paradise', she’s a cool chick, you should try to get to know her!’ so that was the first time I’d ever even heard of Alex Nation. I didn’t watch any of Richie’s season so I didn’t know who she was.

It’s a big bubble, everyone talks to everyone. I was not talking to anyone specifically to see if they were going in to try to form an alliance, if anything what didn’t get shown in the edit was that Alisha grabbed me after that argument with Paddy and told me that her and Paddy had been talking on Instagram before they got in there!!! I actually just took the piss outta them, I said ‘you guys don’t really like each other!’, just taking the piss, but none of that made the edit!! [sighs] But you know, that’s the edit, making good old Paddy look like a good old boy.

At this point, we wanted to make sure we were on the same page, so we asked: "So we’re on the same page and have everything straight, to hear your side of the story, you never told a lie in paradise, it’s all the producer’s fault."

Ah, you’re putting words in my mouth now, are ya? You’re producing me! Are you producing me? You should be a producer!!! Yeah, I dunno how you’d sleep at night, but that’s between you and yourself!

Nah, I lied to Rachael at the start about kissing Alex, because I didn’t wanna hurt her feelings. And, um, yeah like, that scene where she kissed me, that was all sort of set up. I lied to her ‘coz I kissed her and she asked me but it was not really an authentic kiss, to be honest. It was like ‘Alex, can we get Bill and can you kiss him?’ and I was like ‘yeah, yeah’.

On anything else he had to clear up:

Nah, not really. Just trying to move on from the show, like, it was f**kin’ six months ago! As I said, 20 percent of it makes the edit, I know what happened on my side of things. 

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