Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Did Connor Ghost Shannon Or Not? We Spoke To Both Of Them

They may have walked out of Paradise in the glow of a blossoming relationship, but the spark between them quickly fizzled.

So what happened? To hear Shannon tell it, Connor essentially ghosted her.

"Pretty much what happened was, we did contact each other for about a week. Everything was good and then I started trying to organise -- we’d said ‘we’ll organise something for Hawaii’ -- and you know, I was the only one organising anything, or I was the only one looking into it or messaging him about it in general. He sort of went off to LA to do his work stuff and it just stopped from there, to be honest. He was just doing his work stuff and it just was… yeah, I didn’t really hear too much after that and I was really really hurt by it," she told 10 Daily over the phone.

"I went back to Adelaide, I was with my Nanna and yeah, it was kind of sucky but you just have to take from your experiences in the end!" she said.

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Speaking to Connor, he said that Shannon's struggle to open up to him made him hesitant to fully commit, despite saying that he was all in on their relationship before they left Paradise together.

"Going through the whole entire show, we continued to progress our relationship and it was difficult for us to move past that stage where -- she just couldn’t really open up to me as much as I needed her to," he explained.

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"Especially being in that setting -- this is only a month, maybe a month-and-a-half long, you kinda need to spill your heart out and open up to that person about every little thing so that each one of us can know if this is the right fit, especially being in a different country," he said. 

"Throughout this whole journey with the TV and cameras, it was difficult for her to open up. We had a strong connection and I think it was best for us to kind of mutually agree to leave together, being in that connected state in our relationship and we left together because she mentally was drained through the whole process and I felt like she wasn’t gonna open up because of the situation that was going on."

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Connor continued: "I completely understood that for her, throughout this whole thing just moving forward through our relationship, and you never know what could happen, it’s just tough when someone’s on the other side of the world."

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Passing along the info that Shaz felt like she'd been ghosted, we then got Connor's take on the whole sitch.

"Yeah. I mean, it’s hard for me to understand what she said and what she didn’t say and what she meant because obviously, I wasn’t there," he said of the 'Bachelor in Paradise Tell All' special that will air tonight. "You guys are gonna hear one side of the story, whether it’s true or not, and that’s gonna be it."

"Coming from me, did I ghost her? I wouldn’t use that word, but again, I live in America, she lives in Australia, and I had talks of coming over there through other people and production and even after the show, I talked to her, I was supposed to stay with her for a few days but that all fell through -- I don’t know why, but it did. It was tough for me to kind of swallow that and again, my feelings were real on the show, I expressed everything I possibly could to her on the show, whether you guys saw it or it wasn’t shown, so with that being said, I don’t wanna say that I ghosted her, but again, flying to Australia, staying there for 10, 15 days and then coming back home, it's not gonna happen as easily, especially for where we were in our relationship. I told her I wanted to continue to communicate, to talk, FaceTime, all of that, to continue to build that relationship, and then, you know, I can come over there and we can continue to grow that relationship. I don’t think that it’s out of the picture still, it’s just a little difficult with the time zones and all of that."

Connor went onto say that he "would definitely be interested in pursuing something down the line", whether that be a friendship or a relationship.

"As of now, I am still open to building a friendly environment relationship with her and to see how that goes," he said.

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He also went on to say that he "completely" understood why Shannon believed she'd been ghosted.

"I’m not disagreeing with her thoughts and how she deals because that’s obviously the truth, but where we left off and how she explained it, but you know, what I explained to her even off camera was ‘this is where I’m at, this is how I’m feeling towards you, and this is where I wanna go with our relationship, whether it stays where it is or progresses, I just need to have, I need to have more substance and more skin in the game before I’m travelling across the world to pursue someone I kind of just met," he said.

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Going this back to Shannon with this intel, we got her take.

"Yeah, wow," she said with a hollow laugh.

"It’s just so hard because, yeah, obviously I would -- I haven’t felt chemistry like that in a long time, but at the same time, it’s like, why is he saying this now? You know? He had so much time to do that. I was putting in all the effort, and just… nothing. So it’s weird that he’s doing it all now, you know?" she sighed.

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"The thing for me is that he said ‘I’m a hundred percent in, for travelling the distance’ and he just, all of the actions after that were just -- they didn’t tell me that whatsoever," she said, adding: "I was broken-hearted."

Asked whether either one of them would be keen to hit Paradise for a second time, their responses were varied.

"Absolutely!" said Connor. "I would definitely do it again, depending on where I’m at in a relationship, if that’s with Shannon, if that’s with someone else, but you know, if everything falls off, I would definitely be willing to do it again!"

Shaz, meanwhile, was less enthused.

"To be honest, I would be happy to do any form of reality TV, but probably not like, love shows anymore!"

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