Osher Gives A Round Of Applause To The 'Powerful Women' Of Paradise

Osher Günsberg told us what he really thought about the shenanigans that went on in Paradise this season.

Speaking to 10 daily over the phone, Osh explained that he goes into every episode holding onto the very pure hope that he can nudge two starry-eyed soulmates together.

"I just want all the people that come to Paradise to find love, you know?" he said. 

"Some shows want to create the perfect dish, some shows want to create a perfect house, we want to create a perfect relationship, this glorious relationship," he added. 

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But of course, in Paradise, not everything goes to plan and Osher can really only play Cupid to a certain extent -- with the rest left up to the Bach cast to find a connection, and not get too distracted by shiny new intruders.

"I always want those people to find that [perfect relationship], but of course, I can’t control that, I can’t tell them to do anything," he sighed, probably referring to the time Rachael slapped him on the face to 'swat a mozzie away' as she entered Paradise. 

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Osh added that "he gets why people left", naming both Jimmy and Brooke as Paradise residents he wished could have stayed a little longer in Fiji, to see what might have played out.

I would’ve liked Jimmy to find what he was after, I would’ve very much liked Brooke to have found what she was after. I would’ve liked that, but you know, it wasn’t right for them. It’s a great example of like, if it’s not for you, you’re free to go. There’s no lock on that door to Paradise.

But the host explained that what really stood out to him about this particular season was the strength of the women in the face of some unacceptable behaviour from their Paradise partners.

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Without giving any spoilers from the reunion episode away (airing toinght after the final ep!), Osh pointed out that the women of Paradise spoke up about certain ways they were being treated and handled the situations in a way that Paradise could potentially empower other women in similar situations.

"So many women in Australia will never have seen another woman deal with what was coming at them in that way and they have now just given so many people in our community a superpower that they’ve never seen before," he said. 

"I was so happy to see how fantastically those extraordinary and powerful women could hold their own," he said, explaining that he watches the show with his 15-year-old stepdaughter. 

"I always think ‘what lessons is my kid gonna get from watching this?’ and I’ll happily allow her and I’d be very grateful if she saw these women speaking in this way in response to what was said," he added. 

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As the season wraps up for another year (with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette still to come) Osh added that he's never going to give up on helping contestants find that magical, everlasting connection.

"And when that happens, it happens and it’s real, and when it doesn’t, it’s a bit of a bummer, but we’ve still got a lot of couples together from this show -- Matty and Laura, Sam and Snez, Tim and Anna, Kiera and Jarrod, it’s a beautiful thing when it does happen."

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