The Most Satisfying Tweets From The 'Bachelor In Paradise Finale' And Tell-All

The sun has set on Paradise for another year, so it's time to reflect on what we learned.

After a wild last episode and drama-filled tell-all, it was gradually revealed that the fiery connections our couples made in Paradise have been extinguished in the harsh outside world.

Our 'Paradise' cast brought a binder full of receipts and several pots of tea to the reunion special -- and Australia had a lot to unpack about the roller-coaster end to this whole saga.

Alisha And Jules

Davey And Flo

Bill and Alex Nation

Nathan And Tenille

Nathan And Zoe

Party Brittney!

Ivan And Tenille

Queen Vanessa Sunshine

Brooke And Her New BF

The New Star Of The Show, Byron Bay!

Osher's Mediating Skills

In conclusion American Alex remained the only man to not be taken out with the trash tonight.

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