MasterChef 2019: The Recipes From This Week You Could Actually Nail At Home

It's the first week of 'MasterChef', which means the contestants' dishes are still relatively easy to recreate.

So, before the top 24 starts plating up an assortment of Heston Blumenthal concoctions that require professional kitchen equipment like a blast chiller or an immersion circulator, we gathered up the simplest dishes from this week that you've got a decent chance of reproducing at home.

To nab their white aprons -- and the chance to become this year's champion -- our home cooks were told not to get too technical just yet and make something straightforward that they'd usually serve up to their families.

These are our five favourite dishes that earned contestants a spot in the 24 -- that we promise won't be too tricky to make yourself.

Prawn And Pork Potstickers With A Red Vinegar Sauce And Cucumber Salad By Derek Lau 
(Network 10)

This was the dish that made everyone at home furious that they didn't have a bag of frozen dumplings on hand to eat after they got some serious cravings for the tasty dish. Derek impressed us not just with his ability to bake treats for his co-workers, but with that elegant potsticker 'skirt' he achieved.

Derek made his own dumpling dough but you could always pick up some pre-made wrappers if you're in a bit of a hurry. You can read the whole recipe here.

Sri Lankan Crab Curry By Dee Williams
(Network 10)

Although Dee didn't quite impress the judges in round one, she went back to basics with this crab curry to earn her white apron. The dish is inspired by flavour combos she learned from her mum and grandmother while growing up in Sri Lanka and absolutely knocked the socks off the judges, and produced quite a stream of sweat from chilli-shy George. Find the recipe here.

Lemon And White Chocolate Mousse With Lemon Curd By Leah-Milburn-Clark
(Network 10)

Also known as the 'couch lemon' because it's the only dish Leah's family is able to each on the lounge instead of sitting up at the dinner table. And you don't need to wash up any plates because it's literally served inside hollowed out lemons, clever! Find Leah's recipe here.

Egyptian Kofta Pockets With Tahini And Eggplant By Yossra Abouelfadl
(Network 10)

Look how much the judges enjoyed chomping into these kofta pockets! Perfect to take to a picnic and best served in newspaper, this Egyptian dish mixes the flavours of a green tahini (made with parsely), spicy pickled eggplant and delicious kofta made with lamb mince, cinnamon, paprika and allspice. Find Yossra's recipe here.

Chocolate Parfait Sandwiches By Christina Laker 
(Network 10)

Ugh, how could we leave these gorgeous chocolate ice cream sandwiches off the list? Made with a thick, creamy parfait, wedged between two cookies, dipped in couverture and then finished off with a dip in some roasted macadamia nuts. It's a yes from us. Christina's recipe is available over here.

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