Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Davey Lloyd's Dad Rocked Up To Paradise

Look out, Paradise, another member of the Lloyd family has arrived in Fiji.

Everyone's favourite recurring Paradise resident -- Davey Lloyd -- was paid a special visit by his "old man" as he grappled with doubts about his relationship with Flo.

After a year of pining after one another following their last missed connection in Paradise, it seemed like it was smooth sailing for loved up Davey and Flo who were together at last -- even if it was weird neither of them had just reached out over social media and met up in the last 12 months.

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Anyway, just four days into their Paradise romance, Davey revealed things have been a bit "up and down" between them.

"We're working against each other," revealed a worried looking Davey.

Luckily, his father suddenly appeared from the beach, looking exactly like Davey will in about 30 years, down to the matching Hawaiian shirt.

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"Still trying to dress like me are ya?' Davey cheekily asked before launching into his numerous doubts about committing to Flo -- and worrying that he might lose her friendship if things went sour.

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At the same time, Flo was visited by her close friend Steph and she reluctantly revealed on camera that there have been a few ~intimacy issues~ between her and Davey. Flo added that she didn't feel like Davey was "into it" saying she was frustrated he seemed to be having second thoughts about the strength of their connection post-Paradise.

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"What is he doing here then?" a furious Steph asked, calming telling Flo that she was "going to annihilate him".

The loved ones then swapped spots so Mr Lloyd could chat to Flo and Steph could grill Davey and ask what the hell he thinks he's doing to her girl Florence.

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Miraculously, it was calm Lloyd senior who rescued the entire relationship, urging Davey to calm down and realise that Flo "is good for you".

"I see a lot of positives there," he said, adding "she's very strong and you need that," he said, nudging Davey to make some kind of commitment to Florence.

Davey explained that speaking to his dad "brought him back down to earth again".

Use your head, Davey! (Network 10)

And then they just said goodbye and Mr Lloyd just wandered off onto the beach? Was he in Fiji the whole time?

Either way, we were truly blessed to meet Mr Lloyd, hear some of his sage advice and bask in the glow of his tropical shirt.

His visit helped Davey decided to um, push forward, and commit to Flo "100 percent" ahead of the rose ceremony.

"This is such a relief," said Flo adding that "finally we're on the same page".

So it seems as though love has won this round, for now at least.

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