Bachelor In Paradise 2019: American Alex Reveals If He's Still With Caroline

With none of our Americans (or Canadian Daniel the puppet master) set to make an appearance on Thursday night's Bachelor in Paradise Tell All, we called American Alex and got the scoop.

Despite calling his time in Paradise a "fantastic experience", Alex Bordyukov revealed that "unfortunately", the pair have split up since filming wrapped in December.

So what happened? Well, after leaving Paradise together to give things a go in the real world back in the States, Alex said they "dated for a few months" but in the end "it just didn't really happen" for them.

"It wasn’t anything major, it’s not really like one thing that makes you fall for someone or not fall for them, it’s a compilation of a myriad of little things," he explained. "It wasn’t so much distance as we just decided that it was -- good but not great… along those lines."

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Still, he said that "it was an absolutely beautiful experience" and he was thrilled for the chance to get to know Caroline better.

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"Nothing but positive things came out of it -- I have nothing but love and respect for the woman she is," he shared. 

Of course, Caroline was the second of Alex's connections in Paradise, after he quickly hit it off with Brooke early on in the season.

Calling his connection with Brooke "the most effortless connection [he] had there", Alex explained that the pair were "intrinsically drawn to each other from the get go".

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Alex went on to note the irony of watching "people talk about how much time [they] spent together" when viewers didn't get to see much of it at all.

"It's fine, you know, it maintained the privacy of it all, the enigma of it but --" he paused, "I feel like it was kind of downplayed in lieu of the relationship with Alex Nation".

In fact, we saw so little of the time they spent together that Alex had begun to question the validity of their connection himself, especially after hearing Brooke say that there was no spark between them -- which he said Brooke then went on to clarify "wasn't about" him.

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"I wasn’t crazy, our relationship was strong -- it was a very poignant moment when she left and of course I fought for her, although we didn’t hear or see it!" he laughed.

Alex continued: "I don’t wanna blame the edit, because you have to take that, but I did feel like ‘was the spark only there for me?’ so it was definitely a spark in that we have so much respect for each other. We cleared it all up and she’s in a relationship now, super happy, I have respect for them and they’re super in love which is great."

Going into Fiji without knowing anything about any of the potential bachelorettes, Alex revealed that he "struggles with social anxiety" so it was a "challenge" he created to take himself out of his comfort zone.

"That was the thrill of it," he said. "I don’t know anyone, no one knows me, I thought it would be a really helpful learning experience."

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Another thing he was unaware of until Osher reached out to him and let him know? Australia's collective thirst for him, which has escalated to drought levels over the weeks.

"Osher actually reached out -- and it was so kind of him to reach out -- to see how I’m doing and to see if I was seeing the reception that I was getting," he said. "Obviously I’m a little isolated here and I don’t get to see all of it or hear all about it."

Calling it "absolutely unbelievable", Alex said:

"It’s so much love and support and I couldn’t be more humbled and honoured by it. Australia’s been very kind to me!"

Noting that he "still [hasn't] made it to Australia yet" he added, "I'll have to come visit now! I've never been and it's always been on my bucket list."

As for whether he'd head back to Paradise, Alex sounded pretty enthusiastic.

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"Honestly, yeah! Why not?" he said, before reconsidering."I got pretty lucky with my edit, obviously, with those articles you’re talking about, I don’t know if I wanna chance it, not because of that but because you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain! So maybe I should walk away at the top, you know?" 

He laughed. "You’re always like one comment away from being the most hated man. Every time you go there, I don’t care how much of a decorum you’re bringing, you’re rolling the dice! I hope you don’t see me just for the fact that I hope my romantic life does work out, but if for some reason they call me and I’m single, I’ll definitely come back out!"

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