MasterChef 2019: The Desert Island Dishes Were Extremely Divisive

What would you choose if you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life?

That's what our top 24 were asked at the start of their first official cook in the 'MasterChef' kitchen -- and their responses were ... interesting.

Instead of strategically planning a dish that combined a burst of flavour, a range of nutrients and enough variety in the one spot that you wouldn't be revolted by the meal by day five, our contestants picked the richest, most decadent ingredients they could find in the pantry.

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Which is not what the desert island dish challenge is all about, guys!

Too Many Desserts
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It is absolutely bonkers how many people picked sweets for this challenge, but maybe they thought it was actually 'dessert island dishes' they were meant to be creating? Maybe? Leah went with this scrumptious looking boiled chocolate cake with whole passionfruit sorbet. Which, yes, we'd order at a restaurant and savour every bite but as your only meal for the rest of eternity? Leah, no.

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Same goes for Larissa's stout panna cotta with bacon and chocolate ice-cream, Christina's mango bavarois with white chocolate and shortbread and Derek's Portuguese Egg Tarts. Delightful, but disastrous after a few days when you're sobbing as you shovel sickly sweet desserts into your mouth for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Barely A Vegetable In Sight!
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There was plenty of meat, lots of carbs and maybe a smattering of pumpkin here and there but the so-called desert island dishes were completely devoid of life-giving, iron-rich leafy greens and veg! How is anyone meant to make it through the harsh deserted island lifestyle with no veggies? Did none of them watch 'Castaway'? Goats cheese mousse is not a food group, Tim!

There were also lamb dumplings with red butter sauce, fried chicken tacos and chicken masala but no one really took a trip to the produce aisle. Sorry, guys, you're all getting scurvy on that desert island.

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Sensible mum points go to Jess for serving Brussels sprouts, Dee for a Sri Lankan chicken curry with coconut sambal and roti, Yossra for her Kushari (a vegetarian Egyptian classic) and Walleed's Alexandria style snapper with potatoes and rice. Congratulations, guys, you will thrive and live long lives on the 'MasterChef' desert island.

Viewers had their own very unique ideas about their perfect meal that they'd happily eat on their culinary groundhog day -- more proof that the desert island meal question is a very divisive one!

They also had a lot of questions about the electricity supply on this desert island and whether there'd be a blast chiller plugged in underneath a palm tree?

And then there were just a bunch of tweets thirsting over Derek -- who was named almost everyone's ideal desert island dish.

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The judges were ultimately won over by Tim's lamb, Dee's curry, Joe's retro chicken masala and Mandy's shish barak (lamb dumplings) with red butter sauce. Which means they'll head into an immunity challenge led by celeb chef Curtis Stone and everyone else can rest easy knowing there's no elimination this week!

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