'Game Of Thrones' Cinematographer Defends 'Dark' Battle Of Winterfell

Fans had complained they were unable to see the highly anticipated Battle of Winterfell in the latest episode of 'Game of Thrones' as it was "too dark".

Game of Thrones cinematographer Fabian Wagner has hit back at disgruntled fans after they suggested that the lighting used in latest episode 'The Long Night' was far too dark to see any action.

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Speaking to Wired after the episode aired, Wagner was not having a bar of it, and instead placed the blame on fans who didn't know how to set up their televisions correctly.

"A lot of the problem is that a lot of people don't know how to tune their TVs properly," he told the publication.

"A lot of people also, unfortunately, watch it on small iPads, which in no way can do justice to a show like that anyway," he continued, adding, "Another look would have been wrong. Everything we wanted people to see is there.”

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Image: HBO

He added that throughout the series, the episodes have grown increasingly darker so to reflect the more serious subject matter and create a stark contrast to earlier episodes.

“The showrunners decided that this had to be a dark episode,” Wagner said. “We’d seen so many battle scenes over the years -- to make it truly impactful and to care for the characters, you have to find a unique way of portraying the story.”

Fans are divided over Wagner's suggestion, with some saying post-production compression is responsible for the quality, while others hit back at Wagner's suggestion that they not watch the series on an iPad.

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Either way, we're sure it won't stop fans from continuing to tune in for the show's final three episodes.

Image: HBO