Baby Or Not Baby? Bachelor In Paradise Explained By The ‘I’m Baby’ Meme

There’s a new meme in town, and readers, she’s a winner.

“I’m baby” is here, and like all good memes, it is extremely relatable. Where blinking white guy tapped into everyone’s state of confusion and distracted boyfriend tapped into everyone’s secret desires, I’m Baby taps into the state of being completely unable and unwilling to deal with the tasks and pressures of adult life.

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The meme comes from a 2017 ABC story about a girl who was texting her mother during a home invasion. The mother, a victim of poor timing and autocorrect, responded: “im baby” and then “call 911”. 

(ABC 7)

After going viral on Tumblr and then making its way over to Twitter and Instagram, “I’m baby” has become a way to say “no thank you”, a way to say “I can’t”, a way to generally demonstrate a feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with any given situation.

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Some examples:

With that in mind, we sat down to work out who’s baby and who’s NOT baby in Paradise. 

In the “I’m Baby” category

(Network 10)

Why? Does whatever he wants, lies on camera not understanding how that works, throws tantrums when confronted with the truth.

Alex Nation
(Network 10)

Why? Makes illogical choices that no one can understand, ie choosing Bill over Brooke, continuing a relationship with Bill after he hooked up with Flo and lied about it.

(Network 10)

Why? Too chicken to ask Tenille on a date.

(Network 10)

Why? Fond of naps, possibly scared of getting girl germs???

(Network 10)

Why? *gestures wildly* temper tantrums? Doesn’t know how to share things that don’t belong to him??? Doesn’t understand avocadoes???

(Network 10)

Why? Easily distracted by new pretty things. Pretends to not know what he’s doing to see how far he can push things, like a sneaky baby who looks you in the eye while misbehaving!

(Network 10)

Why? Sulked and took naps until she got her way!

Canadian Daniel
(Network 10)

Why? Doesn’t understand that other humans have emotions and are not puppets, apparently?


Why? Spat the dummy and stormed out of Paradise.

In the “Not Baby” category

(Network 10)

Why? Logical, not here for anyone’s s**t, a great narrator.

(Network 10)

Why? Just casually pursued what appeared to be a good thing with Richie, has shown a lot of growth since The Bachelor, staying out of drama but stood up for herself when necessary.

(Network 10)

Why? Enjoying a low-key romance with Connor, not here for Nathan’s shenanigans.

(Network 10)

Why? Has glasses -- a classic sign of intellect!!! Stays out of the fray. Didn’t punch a wall when Nathan took Shannon on a date.

American Alex

Why? NO ONE WITH ABS LIKE THAT CAN BE BABY SORRY!!! Also, seems normal and nice?

(Network 10)

Why? Just trying to chill out on a beach and talk to people with a cocktail.

(Network 10)

Why? Too self-aware and too good a narrator to be baby!


Why? Has not exhibited any baby behaviour, simple as that.

(Network 10)

Why? Just wants a date, seems normal?

(Network 10)

Why? Resilient, keeps coming back!

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