Bachelor In Paradise 2019: “I Could Have That Disney Princess Love If They Let Me”

It may be Finals Week in Paradise, but the twists weren’t done yet.

Enter Elora Murger.

Chatting to 10 Daily over the phone, we asked her about her day in Paradise.

“It was actually two days!” she corrected us. “It will be two days, thank you, two days in Paradise! Not one!”

Elora laughed. “You know what, I knew I was only sent there to stir it up because unless someone was really in love with me and wanted me to come in, you know, there’s no way [I could have found someone], so I guess I just really went for the experience,” she said.

Happy to be in the mix, Elora said she went into Paradise knowing her role.

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“Everybody talks about having real reasons -- yes, I wanted to find love but I know that the producers don’t care for finding me love, right?” she said. “So it was gonna be about testing everybody else’s relationships. It wasn’t anything about me, it wasn’t my story. It was about testing everybody else’s relationship, and I was cool with that.”

She may have been cool with it this time around, but Elora said that although she would come back and do it all again, she “will never let them put [her] last” again.

“I’m over it!” she exclaimed. “I have this role of coming in -- and I’m flattered because, you know, putting me in so late means I’m a strength in their show, I come in and I shake things up -- but at the end of the day, I’m also going in there to find someone.”

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Describing it as “tough”, she added: “I don’t choose when I go in”.

“I don’t wanna be that one,” she said. “I’ve never done that before, I’ve never taken anybody from anybody. I’m tired of that role that is given to me just because of my looks and my confidence. I’m allowed to be in love.”

Elora went on to explain that if producers put her in Paradise from the start, viewers would “see the most passionate love there is to see on TV”.

“I’m like, full on, it’s gonna be like a Notebook romance because I’m all in, but put me last and it’s gonna mess me up because it’s gonna bring insecurities and puts me in a role I don’t wanna be in, where I’m forced to take someone on a date who’s already in a relationship. It’s uncomfortable, really,” she explained, adding: “I think my real personality is clouded by what they use my looks for. I think I could have that Disney Princess love if they let me.”

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Knowing that she was “probably gonna go home” immediately, Elora decided to use her time in Paradise to “go and get answers” about her feelings for Alex Nation, despite the men having power in the next rose ceremony.

“I was like, I’ll just explore my own personal emotions, why I like women, is it just with Alex or is it with everyone? Just with particular people? I just went in there for me,” she shared. “I always had a little crush on Alex, I always wondered why, and I just wanted to see what was there.”

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After sharing a date with Alex, Elora concluded that she’s “just attracted to a certain charisma”.

“Megan [Marx] and I were talking about that, actually,” she said. “It doesn’t matter the sex, or anything, it’s the charisma and the attraction -- I am attracted to Alex. I don’t know if it would’ve been a thing or not, I just know it would definitely... I didn’t feel that way with Megan. Megan is my best friend but Alex is that extra… extra thing that I felt.”

Aside from Alex Nation, Elora told us she was “betting on the Americans” to be her potential love match.

Calling American Alex “a stunner”, Elora said that with two days, it “would’ve been a waste of time” to pursue anything with him, especially because “he just was really into Caroline”.

Still, after hearing from Alex and Bill that Connor and Shannon were on the rocks, Elora figured she may as well try to get a rose from him.

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“Alex and Bill told me they were fighting, they were not talking to each other the whole day, they were just separated, thinking about what they were gonna do, and Alex and Bill told me ‘oh, we heard that Connor is gonna leave Paradise’,” she explained.

“So I was like ‘oh man, Connor’s hot, he’s lovely, I wouldn’t mind staying a couple more days in Paradise!’.

We went paddleboarding for a little bit and we had a good chat, and I was like, if he’s gonna walk out because he’s not into Shannon anymore, I’m gonna tell him, like ‘why don’t we just hang out a little more?’ Like, why not? There’s nothing else around! And then I was very embarrassed because he was like ‘no I’m actually planning on leaving Paradise but asking Shannon to come with me’, so that was a big hit, and I was like ‘ah! That’s gonna be embarrassing’.”

Better luck next time, Elora!

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