MasterChef 2019: The Best Tweets From The Season Premiere

Season 11 of MasterChef has kicked off with a bang.

We're only one episode down and the judges have handed out 18 white aprons after some seriously impressive entries to the top 24.

But even before the actual cooking began, everyone quickly remembered how emotionathis damn cooking contest gets -- with fans welling up after judges George Calombaris, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan introduced our 2018 winner, Sashi Cheliah, who gave a pep talk to this year's hopefuls.

Matt Preston's red, white and black stripey pants also earned heapings of praise, with fans comparing his dashing outfit to Willy Wonka.

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And kitchen garden educator, Tim, quickly won a new fan club for his unmistakable resemblance to Prince Harry.

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While everyone watched the new contestants whip up delectable crispy pork belly, potsticker dumplings, Armenian honey cake and butternut pumpkin Agnolotti -- they quickly remembered that it's pretty much impossible to watch this show without eating something, even if it's not quite MasterChef level food.

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As well as our Prince Harry lookalike, another favourite emerged in the form of beautiful Derek -- who works in finance, bakes cupcakes for his co-workers and has the ability to create a flawless potsticker 'skirt'.

Next up, we met Simon, who wants to open a vegetarian smokehouse, which, tbh, sounds incredibly delicious.

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Kyle revealed that, dun dun dun, his scallops were not actually scallops, but mushrooms in disguise -- which divided viewers.

Fans fell in love with 22-year-old Leah's very supportive mum, who admitted that sometimes her daughter's culinary creations are "a little bit wanky".

And although Leah's glass apple ravioli with chicken liver pâté was deemed a little bit OTT by the judges, she's got another shot at the top 24.

But most of all, fans were just happy to be wrapped up in the warm, loving embrace of MasterChef and its wholesome, supportive, delicious aura.

Tune in on Tuesday at 7.30pm to see who will receive the final six aprons!

MasterChef Australia airs Monday to Thursday nights at 7.30. Only On 10 And WIN Network. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play or 10 All Access!

Main Image: Network 10.