That Game Of Thrones Episode Was Extremely Dark And Full Of Terrors

Spoilers are coming.

Longest Game of Thrones episode ever they said. Longer battle than Helm's Deep, they said. What the creators did not reveal was how dark Season 8's third episode The Long Night would be.

And by dark, we mean, the episode was so dark it was hard to bloody tell exactly what was going on.

Image: HBO

Arya will indisputably get all the run as the heroine of the episode, season, series. But Melisande should get paid her dues, because she was the only one who could give the audience small reprieves from squinting. She basically became the only person at a house party with a cigarette lighter.

Game of Thrones has a history of low-lit scenes and episodes, but The Long Night caused fans to huddle around Twitter, lit only by the glow of their smart phones.

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