MasterChef 2019: Matt Preston's Willy Wonka Pants Have Already Won Season 11

MasterChef wouldn't be complete without some creative wardrobe choices from Matt Preston.

And while he usually dazzles with a patterned cravat or pastel suit -- his season premiere ensemble was all about ringmaster chic.

It was only fitting that Preston welcomed the newest batch of contestants to the MasterChef kitchen like Willy Wonka opening his mysterious chocolate factory to Charlie Bucket and the rest of the golden ticket holders.

George agrees, Matt has upstaged everyone's outfits. (Network 10)

MasterChef fans were quick to applaud Preston's sartorial splendour, comparing his get-up to Mr Wonka, as well as Hugh Jackman's Greatest Showman costume.

Look at those elegant pants! (Network 10)

The pants have even been a source of inspiration for some -- with one fan hoping to emulate the sassy confidence of Preston's threads one day.

Congrats, stripey pants, you've already won Season 11.

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Main Image: Network 10.