Ivan Tells All: 'I’m Sorry For Making People Feel Uncomfortable'

Ivan Krslovic was a fan favourite during Ali’s season, winning people over with his love of dance and inability to blend avocadoes.

His return to Paradise was a surprise met with unbridled excitement from the cast and fans of the show alike, and when the reaction to Ivan’s return reached fever pitch, it prompted American Alex to ask Connor: “Should we be this excited?”

After making an early connection with Party Brittney, things took a turn when Tenille arrived in Paradise and the two embarked on a relationship that quickly turned sour as Tenille noted that she felt “smothered” and fans labelled Ivan’s behaviour toxic and controlling.

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Speaking exclusively to 10 Daily over the phone, Ivan sounded remorseful.

Asked what it’s been like to watch back, Ivan said that it’s “been pretty confronting”.

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Noting the “heightened environment” of the show, Ivan said he knew he’d taken things too far.

“As soon as I got out of Paradise and assessed myself, I worked out that it was too much -- I was being too much,” he said. Watching it back, however, has been “even worse than [he’d] thought”.

“I definitely think I crossed a line,” he said, going on to explain that without the distractions of everyday life -- his friends, phone, job -- he has “no other focus but [his] love interest and what’s happening in that little bubble”.

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Noting that it’s been “pretty tough” dealing with the fan response because it’s “hard to block out what people are saying”, Ivan said that the experience made him realise that he has some “issues and experiences” that he needs to work on.

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Explaining that his experience with Tenille was the first time “in a long time” that he’d had such strong feelings for anyone, he mused: “I guess I was trying to protect that, because [in my last relationship] I gave a lot of freedom and trust and I got burnt, so this time I didn’t wanna do that again.”

“I didn’t know that that’s where I was at the time,” he said of his headspace.

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Looking to the future, Ivan revealed that he’s going to seek help to help him move past all of this.

“I didn’t think something so far in my past could affect me today, so moving forward I think speaking to someone -- speaking to a professional who can help me move through the issues and the experiences that have led me to act the way I act, I think moving forward I need some help to get over that and come out the other side,” he said.

Ivan also regretted his confrontation with Nathan, which got so heated at one point that a producer had to step in and remind him that it was a dating show.

“In the moment, I was so blindsided, there were a lot of other things in play, but I could’ve been more level headed instead of just reacting,” he said, revealing that while he and Nathan are again on speaking terms.

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“Yeah, we sort of moved forward I guess. We’re not the friends we used to be [but] we’re speaking so I guess that’s a positive,” he said, adding that he and Tenille also speak “very regularly”.

Asked if there was anything else he wanted to add, Ivan said: “I’m just sorry for making people feel uncomfortable”.

He continued: “That’s not what I ever want to do to anyone -- inside Paradise and outside of Paradise. I want to acknowledge the way I’ve acted and I’m working on myself and moving forward and it’s not gonna happen again.”

As Ivan's elimination episode went to air, he posted an apology message on Instagram stories writing that he was "ashamed" after watching his behaviour in Paradise on TV.


Ivan added on a separate slide that he acknowledged his behaviour and intended to "grow from this" adding that his behaviour in Paradise did not reflect "the person I am right now or the man I will be moving forward".

"I am sorry to Tenille, as well as Britt and thank them for their friendship along with the other women in paradise," he concluded.

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