Bachelor In Paradise: Richie Calls His Shock Decision To Leave His 'Lowest Moment'

Richie and Cass were one of the strongest connections in Paradise but on Sunday night all that fell apart.

Despite forming a connection early on in the series, Richie and Cass sat down to have a conversation about where things were heading with their connection.

That, unfortunately, seemed to unravel Richie who, during the cocktail party, pulled Cass aside for another conversation -- letting her know that he had made the decision to leave Paradise.

"When I came into Paradise I was really cautious about the steps I wanted to take with someone," he told Cass during Sunday night's cocktail party.

"I guess what I was looking for was, 'Can I trust this person? Do they like me for me?' and in every way, you certainly haven't let me down," he continued before saying the long distance element of Cass being based in Sydney and he in Perth had been playing on his mind. Feeling like he was repeating the same mistakes he made during his season of The Bachelor, Richie made the tough call.

Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Richie Calls His Shock Decision To Leave His "Lowest Moment"
Riche sat Cass down during Sunday's cocktail party to let her know his shocking decision to leave. Image: Network 10.

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Following his departure, Richie revealed the moment was his "lowest on the show".

"When I decided to leave, that was really, really heavy for me," he said.

"I'm always the guy that says 'No regrets', my final decision was, without a doubt, one of the hardest but I'd like to think I made the right one."

While he and Cass seemed to form a strong bond early on, they took things slowly throughout the process -- with Cass becoming frustrated that the pair hadn't pursued a physical connection. Finally, she attempted to make sense of where they were headed, and if he believed they could make their connection work outside of Paradise, and in the real world.

Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Richie Calls His Shock Decision To Leave His "Lowest Moment"
A stunned Cass felt like she had no choice but to also leave, after investing all her time in Paradise in building a connection with the former Bachelor. Image: Network 10.

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Following his shock decision, Cass confided in Richie's ex, Alex Nation. "What you're going through and the confusion and everything, I went through the same thing with him," she confided in Cass. "He's a good person, but I think he's a really lost one. He's scared that he would hurt you and I feel like he means that, but he's scared of committing to something as well."

"He's got a lot of growing to do within himself, and it's not you -- it's not you."

It was a heartbreaking moment for those in Paradise, who had hoped Cass had finally gotten her second chance at love with the former Bachelor. Sadly, she also made the decision to leave Paradise soon after Richie.

Richie also revealed the effects of seeing his ex walk into Paradise early on, saying that the experience was "emotionally very difficult to handle".

"The first couple of days were quite heavy, obviously, and I was taking a lot of grenades in the trenches, dealing with a situation that was certainly uncomfortable but I opened up and became myself and really started enjoying my time in Paradise," he said.

Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Richie Calls His Shock Decision To Leave His "Lowest Moment"
Calling it his "lowest moment", Richie walked out of Paradise ahead of the rose ceremony. Image: Network 10.

If he had his time in Paradise over again, he admitted the only thing he would do differently would not let Alex's arrival affect him so much, "It's hard to try and explore and be in Paradise when you've got a lot going on upstairs," he said.

"The first three to four days in Paradise I wasn't myself, I was still there it was just emotionally very difficult to handle. After that I sprang into action and became myself," he said calling his time "a learning experience" he also added that after those initial days he was able to settle back into being himself. "I was a lot happier, jovial and having a lot of fun with everyone."

Despite feeling like he had a good time, Richie also was asked if he believed there were any real connections in Paradise and if they would last outside the context of the series.

"That would be a real simple one: No."

"I don't think anyone's 'faking' a relationship, it's easy to spark a relationship -- whether or not that will last outside of paradise is a whole different kettle of fish," he added.

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