Cass Wood Post-Paradise: 'I'm So Happy I've Finally Found Someone'

As we were wrapping up our chat about her time in Paradise, we asked Cass if she’d come back to Paradise again.

Speaking to 10 Daily over the phone on Friday as she prepared to head off on holiday to Bali, Cass paused.

“Um… I mean… well…” she laughed, taking another beat before letting the cat out of the bag. “I’ve found someone now! So I don’t really need to!”

Giggling, we could practically hear Cass beaming as she revealed that the lucky guy’s name is Tyson, they’re “fully, officially” together, and have been dating on the down low since December, after she got back from Paradise.

“He is a rugby player, he’s very good-looking and he’s amazing,” she shared.

“I’m so happy, because finally I’ve found someone, Cass said, as she went on to reveal that the couple has actually known each other for a while after dating “for a little bit in 2017”.


At the time, “things got really intense really quickly”, Cass recalled.

“We were both kind of like ‘whoa’, and let it go, let it fizzle out,” she said, adding that she “always thought he had a bit of growing up to do”.

“He’s always been around, but yeah, after I got back from Paradise, pretty much straight away we hit it off and he was putting in a lot of effort to want to get to know me again, and it’s been amazing ever since”.

“I’m so happy and really glad to be with him,” she gushed.

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Secure in her relationship, Cass looked back on her time with Richie in Paradise fondly, saying that she “definitely” thought that their relationship was “one of the most stable”.

“We stayed together the whole time,” she explained, “we were pretty solid and towards the end, it started to get more serious, we were having more conversations about how things would work on the outside with the distance”.

“Everything was perfect and then all of a sudden it wasn’t and he was walking out of Paradise and I was like ‘oh, okay’,” she said.

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Blindsided, Cass said that up until an hour before the cocktail party, they’d “come to terms with” the distance and “thought it could work”.

“All of a sudden we went into the cocktail party and he took me aside and pretty much everything that we were talking about earlier that day he had kind of flipped and said that the distance would be too hard, so I was really confused, I actually didn’t really understand what he was trying to tell me at the time,” she said, adding that even in hindsight she couldn’t see any red flags that she missed.

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“Compared to everyone else, we were taking things at a natural, slow pace, but we both liked that,” she said. “We didn’t wanna rush anything, and then it started to get more serious and then that’s when I thought ‘this is going really well and we can see each other being with each other in the real world’, and then, yeah. I didn’t see it coming.”

Still, Cass doesn’t harbour any ill will Richie.

“He’s a good person and I know he didn’t wanna hurt me and I know it was a really hard decision for him to leave,” she said, noting that he’d “done long distance before with Alex Nation so he knew it was difficult”.

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On the topic of Alex Nation, Cass acknowledged that while “it was a bit weird” for her to be pursuing Richie while his ex was also in Paradise with them, the fact that she’d never followed their journey as a couple allowed her some distance from the whole situation.

“I never watched his season so I never watched how they left together and they were together and I never followed them in the media and stuff like that,” she said. “I never saw any of that which probably made it easier, otherwise it probably would’ve been a bit more awkward. But she was always so nice about everything, I felt a bit sorry for Richie though because I think he felt a bit awkward about it, having an ex right there, but he was pretty good about everything, he made it easier.”

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Asked if she regretted not pursuing any other connections while she was in Paradise, Cass said no.

“When I got there, I found it a bit hard because I didn’t have the mindset of just having a little summer romance fling,” she said. “I didn’t wanna just you know, hook up with anyone, pretty much, I went over there hoping to find someone I really got along with and could see myself being in a relationship with.”

In the end, it may not have worked out with Richie, but with her new boyfriend, Cass found what she’s looking for and wouldn’t change a thing.

“It makes everything worth it,” she said. “I have no regrets about going on either of the shows and I think it made me grow as a person and now I’m happy!”

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