Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Davey Lloyd Is Back For One 'Last Hurrah'

As we chatted to Davey Lloyd over the phone about his surprise return to Paradise, he laughed, calling himself “the annoying child you can’t get rid of!”

Assuring us he had “no idea” he was going to be brought back, he described his return as “a shock” for himself as much as the rest of the Paradise crew.

“I’d kind of moved on with my life and next thing I know, I’m back!” Davey said of his week out of Paradise.

“I came home on a Thursday night, got all my stuff together Friday, went out Friday night, unpacked, went to work on Monday, went to work on the Tuesday and I got a phone call on Tuesday that they wanted me back in,” he recalled with a laugh.

The whole situation was so surreal that he hesitated before agreeing to head back over.

“I was like ‘do I wanna do this’?” Davey recalled, before figuring that he may as well “give it a crack and see what happened”.

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Referring to his fourth Bachelor endeavour as his “last hurrah”, Davey laughed.

“It has to be the last hurrah otherwise it’s desperate, surely!” he exclaimed.

Quickly hooking up with Flo— who had been waiting for him -- Davey chalked his dismissal earlier in the season up to poor timing.

Flo got the best surprise after returning from a date with Daniel (Network 10)

“I kind of came in and everyone was coupled up to a point,” he explained, adding, “Alisha wasn’t but the whole time she just kept on talking about Jules -- I actually got up and left!”

He continued: “I just knew there wasn’t really anything for me there.”

Of course, before his elimination, Davey did make a last-ditch effort to form a connection with Shannon, who had been exploring a relationship with Connor.

It’s a move that Davey said he regrets, adding that it had taken “some convincing” to do in the first place.

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“I knew she was happy with Connor but I didn’t wanna go without saying it,” he shared. “I felt so bad that I made her second judge herself and put her in that weird situation.”

Davey went on to say that the whole thing made him feel “so guilty”, and attributed his last minute confession to the heightened environment of Paradise.

It's back on between Flo and Davey (Network 10)

“I just wished I’d had more time and it was bad to tell her that before I was leaving,” he explained. “People were saying to go and do it, but the pressure becomes too intense. I felt so sorry for her because it was not right, but in the timing and with the pressure it kind of felt like I was supposed to.”

Already feeling guilty, Davey ended up feeling even worse when he found out that Shannon had ended up questioning her decision to choose Connor even more, even asking Osher to bring Davey back to Paradise for her.

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“I had no idea [about that] until seeing!” he exclaimed. “I didn’t even watch the episode -- a friend messaged me and was like ‘dude did you know this?’ and I was like ‘what? No!’”

Musing that Shannon may have felt like she settled down with Connor too quickly without exploring all her options in Paradise, Davey explained: ”It’s such a confusing little scenario and place. Nothing makes sense and everything’s backwards in that place. You feel like you have to force yourself to be with someone, it’s just crazy.”

Shannon solidified her connection with Connor after Davey left Paradise (Network 10)

Knowing that Shannon was happy with Connor, Davey said that he went back in “just happy to see everyone” and not expecting anything from her.

Aside from Shaz and Flo, Davey said he’d been interested in getting to know Tenille and the one and only Vanessa Sunshine.

“Everyone’s like ‘she never smiles’! So I just wanted to see what she was like,” he said, adding that he wanted to see if he could make her laugh.

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After Cat revealed to us a few weeks ago that she’d been hoping to hit it off with Davey in Paradise, we asked Davey if this was a missed connection he would’ve been interested in pursuing.

Before we’d finished asking the question, he cut us off.

“Nup,” he said bluntly. “Nup”.

“We could be friends!” he ventured, “but nothing else. Like,” -- he sighed -- “I’m sorry, I’m just gonna be honest with you, just, no. Nope.”

While it’s a definite no when it comes to a relationship with Cat, whether Davey has found lasting love with Flo remains to be seen, as we head into the final week of Paradise.

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