'Jeopardy' Reportedly Bans Contestants From Wagering $69

Not nice.

Over in the United States, the long-running game show 'Jeopardy' just saw a Las Vegas man, James Holzhauer, win more than USD$1.2 million in a two-week winning streak.

Holzhauer is a professional sports gambler, so his winning streak has also been dissected for its strategic elements. Holzhauer has actually been really upfront with his strategy, revealing to a few outlets and radio stations that he mostly hangs around children's libraries to get the basics of a subject he knows nothing about.

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That's all well and good but while that happened, another 'Jeopardy' winner, Ken Jennings, revealed some startling information.

According to Jennings, the good folk behind the trivia game have banned contestants from wagering $69. Because it's the sex number.

Jennings was responding to a fan on Twitter who joked about his final wagers (to be clear, Jennings didn't habitually wager the sex number as his final bid).

Holzhauer himself then jumped in to reveal that $69 isn't the only wager that producers have banned contestants from playing.

The other forbidden wagers include $666, $14, $88 and $1488. The first number has been forbidden because of 666's ties to Satanism (and... you know, heavy metal), while 14, 88 and 1488 have ties to white supremacism.

So now you know, Alex Trebek doesn't want your 69, no matter how nice you think it is.

Featured image: Getty Images.