Bachelor In Paradise 2019: It's A Paradise Miracle! Davey Lloyd Is Returning...Again

Turns out, if you softly whisper the words "Davey Lloyd" three times, he'll magically appear in Paradise.

Not that anyone was being particularly quiet about Davey's absence in Fiji after he failed to score a nod from Shannon during an emotionally charged rose ceremony.

Shannon was rattled after Davey tried to convince her she was "wife material" right before she ended up picking her first choice, Connor. Although the next day she begged Osher to arrange Davey's flight back from Australia so she could ~explore~ whether the compliment was genuine or if he was just scrambling for a rose.

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Florence arrived in Paradise hoping to rekindle the connection she made with Davey last season -- but sadly learned that, like two ships in the night, she'd just missed him.

Flo has read a LOT of books waiting for Davey in Paradise.

So when Osher arrived with some mysterious news about that "one person who remains a powerful presence" and someone "whose departure continues to spark regret", everyone knew immediately who he was talking about.

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"It's Davey!" shouted Nathan, later adding, "he's got nine lives, this guy" on Davey's habit of bouncing back into Paradise, again and again.

Everybody loves Davey! (Network 10)

Fans have been chanting for Davey's return ever since Flo arrived and are now anxiously wondering whether the pair will actually get together this time -- or whether they should have just slid into each other DMs outside of Paradise months ago.

Davey's arrival will leave the ladies with the power at the next rose ceremony -- and create a rather interesting love triangle with Shannon and Florence.

And instead of waiting til next Tuesday -- you can catch all the drama in a very special episode this Sunday at 7.30pm.

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