Bachelor In Paradise 2019: “You Don’t Own Her” - Fans Slam Ivan’s “Toxic” Behaviour

Paradise fans have called out Ivan's controlling behaviour towards Tenille.

Although the pair made a connection shortly after Tenille arrived in Fiji, Ivan became increasingly possessive -- shadowing Tenille and warning potential suitors away.

Tenille spoke of her desire to keep her options in Paradise open and explore other connections, and said that although she enjoyed spending time with Ivan, she was ‘overwhelmed’ by Ivan’s feelings for her.

As Nathan and Tenille danced around a mutual attraction for one another, Nathan was given a date card, which caused Ivan to act out.

"He needs to know I don't belong to him" Tenille explained (Network 10)

"It’s crazy that, here in Paradise, we have to get permission from Ivan to go and talk to Tenille,” Nathan said in an interview.

After receiving a pep talk from his mate Cass -- and after being dared by Tenille herself to ask her out -- Nathan ended up choosing Shannon in a panic, after Ivan told him to “be afraid” to ask Tenille.

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Fans of the show have expressed their concern about Ivan after his behaviour during tonight's episode.

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Main Image: Network 10.