Game Of Thrones Has Released First-Look Photos Of Next Week's Huge Episode

HBO has tweeted photos of next week's much-anticipated episode of Game Of Thrones.

The shots show some of GOT's main characters including Daenarys and Jon standing atop a hill looking down at Winterfell, Sansa and Arya standing on Winterfell's ramparts and Tyrion and Lord Varys in the castle's keep.

Source: HBO Twitter.
Source: HBO Twitter.
Source: Twitter.

The second episode of this season has made way for the upcoming episode to feature a chaotic battle with the army of the dead as they make their way south from the wall and the White Walkers seek out Bran.

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The photos also show Jaime and Brienne on the battlefield, as Brienne has been charged with the command of a division of the army and Jaime has committed to fighting beside her.

Source: HBO Twitter.

The episode is set to run for one hour and 22 minutes and from here on in, the final Game of Thrones episodes are set to be long features longer than the one-hour mark.